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We are happy to announce the recent integration of WPML and QuickSilver Translate, a multi-service translation provider.

QuickSilver Translate was born in 2004, when Stephen Whiteley (current CEO) and his father teamed up to start a family business in Barcelona, Spain. The business grew up quickly and, after becoming an ISO-certified serviced, they opened their second office in Miami.

Experts in translation of technical and industrial content, QuickSilver offers a wide range of languages and desktop publishing solutions, along with project management for every aspect of the translation process.

To ensure quality, QuickSilver Translate uses a glossary-based approach and offers different levels of quality, from basic translation to premium translation. From legal, technical, or financial translations to marketing collateral or internal documents, you can choose the highest level of translations at very competitive prices.

At QuickSilver they do understand your SEO needs as they have used WordPress and WPML on their own website for the last 8 years. So, there is certainly a strong orientation to IT, e-commerce and CMS-related projects:

“As part of’s ongoing, technology-driven strategy, we are delighted to have joined forces with WPML, the number 1 connector for translating content in WordPress.”

Stephen Whitely, CEO at QuickSilver Translate.

Apart from having a database of approximately 4500 qualified, specialised translators all around the world, the core team includes twelve more people: account managers, translators, reviewers, designers, localisation managers, desktop publishing experts and a digital community manager.

QuickSilver Translate's team
QuickSilver Translate’s team

QuickSilver defines customer satisfaction by the three aspects which should always be present and mixed in the translation process:

Subject matter expertise – A highly specialized medical journal simply cannot be translated by someone without any experience in the specific medical field. Same for a manual for installing a fire sprinkler system. It cannot be translated by someone who barely knows what a sprinkler is.

Knowledge of the customer – The longer they work with a client, the better they’ll get to know them and their preferences. Creating a technical glossary and validating it is a must. This requires both QuickSilver and the client’s cooperation.

The right process – The translation process should always be adapted to each customer’s reality. In particular, you should be thinking about who is the translation really for and how to handle the internal review process.


QuickSilver Translate process



QuickSilver Translate offers a 50% discount for all words in repeated segments and 100% discount for repeated segments, if the repetition rate is greater than 50%. This is ideal for revisions or pages which are already translated but have had modifications.

Thinking about translating your WordPress website with QuickSilver Translate and take advantage of these discounts? Simply activate it in WPML and get started. If you still don’t have WPML, purchase the Multilingual CMS and start translating with QuickSilver Translate.


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