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We’re working with NextGen Gallery author on making NextGen fully translatable. This is a first test release of the updated NGG plugin.

For those who’re not using NextGen Gallery, know that this is a powerful gallery management plugin for WordPress. It allows managing images separately from WordPress content and inserting galleries and albums anywhere in the site.

NGG already included facilities for translating strings (like image description, alt, etc.). The problem is, there’s no way you can tell what you’re translating. If the gallery includes 5 images, it’s kinda OK, but for larger galleries, it makes managing translations impossible.

Knowing What You’re Translating

We’ve enhanced NGG’s i18n function to include names. These names allow to identify what’s being translated.

For example, you’ll see this:

Translating texts in NextGen Gallery

Each string for translation has a name. That name describes what you’re translating.

So, when you see pic_2_alttext, you know that you’re translating the ALT tag for picture #2.

Additionally, all NextGen texts are grouped under the context ngg_plugin. You can translate them separately from other Admin texts.

Development Version

These changes are fresh out of the oven. We’ve tested them and it all looks good, but we’re no NextGen experts.

This is the updated NGG code:

To use it, you’ll need the development version of WPML. It’s not quite ready for production sites, but fine for testing purposes. It’s available only for WPML clients.

If you’re a registered WPML client, leave a message here and we’ll email it to you.

How to Test

All you need to do is save the NGG gallery. WPML then scans the images and registers the strings for translation. Then, head over to WPML->String Translation and filter by context ngg_gallery.

Add the gallery to a translated page and you should see all the image texts translated.

How can we make WPML better for you?

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