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We’ve been planning to upgrade our affiliate system and it’s finally happened. Updates include email notifications, integration with Google Analytics, date filters in reports and more!

Isn’t it nice to know what works, so that you can do more of it?

The feature that I like most about our new Affiliate system is the integration with Google Analytics.

Performance tracking for affiliate sales
Performance tracking for affiliate sales

Once enabled, our site will report sales to your Google Analytics account. This way, you can check and see what pages on your site lead to best affiliate sales. Add identifying arguments to different links in the same page to see exactly what works best.

Besides the GA integration, you can also get email notifications now. Look for “Send me an email when I drive a sale” to have our site automatically notify you. You will see what product you’ve sold and how much you earned.

Finally, did you ever wish you could filter the sales table by date? Well, you got it.

The new affiliate sales reporting table shows a breakdown by product and is filtered by date.

Affiliate report time filter

We appreciate everyone who helps us spread the word about WPML and are very happy to pay an affiliate commission. If you are already promoting WPML, check out the new affiliate tools. I’m sure you can find something useful. If you’re not using our affiliate tools yet, now would be a great time to start promoting WPML and earning money.

BTW – our affiliate system is only open to WPML clients. We strongly believe that you can only honestly promote a product that you are using and enjoying.

Feedback? Ideas? Suggestions? Leave your comments below and we’ll get back to you.

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