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In the last few months, we’ve been quietly working on a complete reference design for multilingual WordPress classifieds. It’s ready and we’re looking to get your feedback.

Toolset Classifieds
Toolset Classifieds

Our multilingual classifieds design combines everything that we’ve been developing in the last year. It’s built using Toolset plugin, so you can customize it and adapt everything from within the WordPress admin.

The idea is pretty simple. Visitors can create ads in whatever language they like. They can translate these ads to all the languages in the site. If not translated, the ads will show untranslated, in all the site’s languages.

The site’s admin should create the categories and structure for the site and translate everything he/she creates.

Toolset Classifieds Features

Front-end ads creation
The site uses CRED plugin to build the new-ads and edit-ads forms.
Paid and free ads
You can charge visitors when they create certain ads and leave other ad types for free registration. Payment processing runs via WooCommerce, so you enjoy the most flexible payment methods and reporting.
Customizable front-end display
The entire front-end is developed using Views plugin. This means that you can change how everything looks and works, without writing a single line of PHP.
Fully Multilingual
That’s the whole reason we started this project. Toolset Classifieds lets you truly translate everything.

Developer Information

Toolset Classifieds uses WPML hooks to synchronize ads in different languages and allow to translate ads. If you want to create your own custom PHP, you are very welcome to the multilingual classifieds documentation, where we explain these hooks and how they work.

Try and Buy

You can experiment with Toolset Classifieds on our free online test system, called Discover WP.

Toolset Classifieds is included when you buy the Toolset package. You can use it to build your own sites or your client sites.

Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.

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