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Envato’s Most Wanted is a quarterly contest that Envato hosts where they give away prizes for creating custom content for the Envato Marketplace. This fall WPML is sponsoring $8000 in prize money for new WPML/WooCommerce Themes on ThemeForest.

The contest begins September 23, 2014 and ends November 25, 2014. The Winners will be announced December 17th, 2014.

The prize amounts available include 1st Place for a $2,500 prize, 2nd Place for $1,250 prize, and 3rd place for $750 prize. You might say, ‘I have never won anything in my life, what are the odds I would be top 3?’ Don’t worry, all you have to do is submit your approved theme first, and you will be eligible for a prize just for applying. We are giving away ten, $350 cash prizes for the first 10 themes that are submitted and approved.

To view official rules and submit your new WPML/WooCommerce theme go the the Envato’s Most Wanted announcement.
For technical information on gaining compatibility for the contest visit our Technical Information Page.

The need for multilingual e-commerce themes

One of the most critical factors that theme developers need to know is, the online community prefers to search for content in their native language. Does your website have the key-words they are searching for in their language? When we look at the statistics of online users we see a disproportionately lower amount of content produced for various speakers than what is needed. That means, when people search in their native language, it will not bring up your website if it is not multilingual. That means less traffic to your website, and less conversion rates. Therefore the use of a multilingual website is key. But in order to produce great multilingual websites, we also need great multilingual themes.

Top 10 Internet Users by Language (2011)

Top 10 Internet Users by Language WPML

Top 10 Content Languages for Websites (2014)

Top 10 Content Languages for Websites WPML

Why do you want to get into the e-commerce business?

According to eMarketer, the e-commerce industry is a trillion-dollar industry with Business to Consumer sales increasing worldwide yearly. The hottest markets are Asia Pacific which are showing yearly growth of over 30% above US online sales. Keep in mind that e-commerce sales are only 7% of current retails sales, but with growth like this, you want to be sure that your business is in line to reap the benefits of this booming industry. With increased online sales, there is a need for better website designs that cater specially to e-commerce clients. Theme authors should know the Top 5 ranked countries with e-commerce sales growth are the US, China, the UK, Japan, and Germany. Although your market is best utilized where your niche is, there is much to be considered to fill the small business and large business needs for good website themes.

About WooCommerce and WPML

The Envato’s Most Wanted contest is based on WooCommerce, by WooThemes team, and WPML plugins. WooCommerce is the de-facto standard for modern e-commerce sites within WordPress, and WPML is the standard for multilingual compatibility in WordPress.

Together, WooCommerce and WPML allow you to build fully-functional, multilingual e-commerce websites, using WordPress.

Participating in the Envato’s Most Wanted Contest

To join the Envato’s Most Wanted competition, authors will need to have an account at WPML offers complementary accounts for Envato authors, who are building commercial themes. To get started, head over to WPML’s Go Global Program and apply for your author-account today. Get started on your new multilingual WooCommerce themes, today.

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