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We are happy to announce that Ultra theme and Themify Builder are now fully compatible with WPML! This means that you can translate all your site’s textual elements flawlessly.

Ultra is a feature-rich multipurpose theme that you can use to build any kind of website you have in mind. It comes with many page layout options, allowing you to share the same layout across your website or set different layouts for your different pages. Moreover, you can choose from 6 post archive layouts. Additionally, it comes bundled with the Themify Builder. A flexible drag and drop page builder that offers a ton of pre-made websites that you can easily import to kick-off your site.

Defualt language page (English) Secondary language page (Spanish)

Ultra theme and Themify Builder are WPML-Ready

In collaboration with Themify team, we managed to resolve all the compatibility issues that we encountered while testing the compatibility of Ultra theme and Themify Builder. As a result, you can now translate your Ultra theme sites’ content effortlessly! This means that you:

  • Are able to translate all parts on your website including posts, pages, portfolio pages, widgets, header, footer, and menus.
  • Can work on translating your website yourself, work with your own team of translators to translate the site’s content or send your site content to be translated by a professional translation service.
  • Don’t need to re-design pages built using the Themify Builder for each language you have on your website. Simply, translate your pages using WPML’s translation editor. Your design will automatically be shared across the different language versions of your page.

It is worth mentioning that our cooperation with Themify team will continue to maintain Ultra theme’s compatibility and make more Themify themes compatible with WPML.

Learn how to translate sites built using Ultra theme and Themify Builder

With WPML, you only need to design your pages once using Themify Builder in the default language. Then you can easily translate the content of the pages using WPML’s translation editor. This means that you won’t need to recreate the page design for the other languages on your website.

A page built using Themify Builder in the defualt language (English) Translating the page to Spanish using WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor

Check out Themify’s detailed guide on building multilingual sites using Ultra, Themify Builder and WPML.

Feeback & Help

Are you building multilingual websites using Ultra theme, Themify Builder and WPML? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

In case you encounter any issue translating your Ultra theme site using WPML, please feel free to report it in our support forum.

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