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Kollective Digital Hotel Agency
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Type of work:

Giúp tôi phát triển một cái gì đó, Help writing content, Phát triển chức năng của trang web, SEO, Tích hợp với hệ thống bên ngoài, Tư vấn chi tiết về một dự án tiềm năng, Visual design, Xây dựng một trang web mới

Project size:
  • Small Business
  • Agency/Enterprise

I can maintain sites

Site categories:

Blog, Cuốn sách nhỏ, Giáo dục

Favorite WordPress themes:

Custom Theme

Project budget:

Minimum budget is 3500 USD

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Kollective is a full service digital marketing agency for hotels based in Athens Greece. We deliver personalised solutions to clients in the hotel, tourism and hospitality industries to effectively increase direct bookings and boost online sales.

For most clients we provide a full range of digital services including website design &  development, online digital marketing, analytics and bookings reporting and on-going consultation & support. We usually only provide SEO services for our 360o service clients, but if a particularly interesting challenge for an SEO project to existing site comes up, we are open to running an initial technical audit and having a chat. An Update! Due to continued strong demand for hotel specific SEO optimisation we have recently started the Hotel SEO Agency which is available to all hoteliers worldwide, feel free to head on over and run our free technical SEO Audit Tool to get started!

We are proud of the work we do and believe that it speaks for itself. We invite you to visit our case studies, explore our recent projects and judge our work for yourselves!

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Hotel Digital Marketing Case Studies

We hope the above information gives you an idea of how we work and the kind of clients that we work best with. If you have a hotel or tourism related business, contact us to learn more details and find out if we are a good fit! We are based in Athens, Greece – but we support businesses around the world with our specialised services for hotel and hospitality – no matter where you are in the world, contact us for a no obligation chat, we can probably help 🙂

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Contractor since: Tháng Hai, 2019