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Learn how to translate WordPress sites with Parlam and WPML. Discover which translation services Parlam offers, and how to get started with WPML.

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About Parlam

Parlam TMS is a system for managing and controlling your organization’s translations in an efficient manner, regardless of the volume, working languages and num¬ber of providers.

Parlam is a simple, intuitive platform that accompa¬nies a document throughout the entire translation process. This is all carried out in an automated manner to ensure that users have complete control over each and every step. You can upload files easily or connect and obtain content from any IT system (Intranet, CMS, CRM, etc.) without the need for the IT department to develop complex integration solutions.

Parlam acts as a pure TMS (translation management system), so it doesn’t offer a translation service, but instead adapts to your portfolio of regular providers and in-house translators. Integration with your providers is really simple; either give them access to your account or set Parlam to automatically exchange content with them through an FTP server. Parlam allows you to control costs in real-time and to manage a historical archive of all translated content (Translation Memory), thus making it possible to reuse previously translated content for new translations.

Getting started with Parlam and WPML

To send content for translation to Parlam, install the following plugins on your website:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS – the core plugin
  • WPML String Translation – this plugin will allow you to translate interface strings

You can download them from your account. If you do not have an account yet, you can create a new one by choosing WPML Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency plans.

Working with Parlam via WPML

Here are the basic steps of working with WPML and Parlam. For a full walkthrough, check out our page about using WPML with a translation service.

Connecting Your Website to Parlam

First, you need to connect WPML with Parlam. Part of this very simple process is to request your Parlam API token.

If you don’t have a Parlam account, you can request one by visiting Parlam’s WPML page.

To connect your Parlam account with your WordPress, you just have to go to Administration Workflows and create a new workflow for each instance of WPML you want. When creating the Workflow, all you have to do is set the project type as ‘WPML WordPress’.

Next, open the new Workflow you just created in, then scroll down to ‘WPML Setup’ and click on get new API Token. Now you just have to copy this token and paste it in your WPML configuration.

Sending content for translation

Once your site is connected to Parlam, you can start sending your content for translation.

Receive a quotation from Parlam

When a new translation job is created in Parlam with your WPML plugin in WordPress, the new project pauses waiting for you to assign your favorite in-house translator or agency. If you’ve set up smart assignment, Parlam will do it for you and the translation will start instantly.

Receiving completed translations

Once done, your site is ready to receive completed translations.

Canceling translation jobs

To cancel a translation job, you just have to delete that translation job in Parlam. By doing so, Parlam notifies WPML that this translation has been canceled. Canceling one language does not mean canceling the other languages of that document.

Read more about canceling translation jobs sent to a professional service.

Translating the Rest of Your Site

Once you’re done translating the content of your page, there could be untranslated texts in menus, sidebars, and similar places. No problem, you can use Parlam to translate the rest of your site.

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