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We’re very happy to release WooCommerce Multilingual 1.5, with support for WooCommerce 1.6.6, improvements and bug fixes.

As you probably know, WooCommerce is already moving to version 2.0.3. We’re working on support for WooCommerce 2.x, but it’s not ready yet.

This version runs with WooCommerce 1.6.6.

What’s New in WooCommerce Multilingual 1.5

  • Fixed setting prices manually in translated products (so that they don’t auto-sync when not requested)
  • You can translate product slugs and shop slug using WPML’s new slug translation
  • You can translate custom attributes
  • Product variations translation and synchronization is much improved
  • Synchronization for product stock in different languages is fixed
  • Improved checks and warnings against incompatible permalink configurations
  • Fix tax-label translation, when using more than one tax label
  • Sends order notification emails in the language used to place the order
  • Cleaned several warnings and updated deprecated code
  • Cleaned-up the XML language configuration file and add missing strings


This release should appear automatically in your Plugins page. You can also download it manually from the project page on

Download WooCommerce Multilingual

Your help is vital. If you run into anything that doesn’t look right, or you’re stuck without translation support for anything in WooCommerce, let us know. Start a new thread in our technical forum and we’ll help.

WooCommerce 2.x Compatibility Schedule

At this very moment, David and Alvaro are going through WooCommerce 2.0.3 and WPML. We’ll know what’s missing in a couple of days and it will probably take us around a week or two to release a new version of WooCommerce Multilingual, which supports both the 1.x version and the newer 2.x versions.

I’ll write a new post about it when it’s ready for you.

In the meanwhile, if you want to receive a development version for your testing, please add a comment here. We’ll get in touch with you privately and send you beta versions of WooCommerce Multilingual for 2.x.


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