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dg-Cart is the new shared-risk E-commerce system for those who want to sell online without facing the large initial investments of this sector. With dg-Cart you do not need any technical skills: you will indeed have a platform in your name (such as built entirely by professionals and you will pay it based on how much you sell.

dg-cart is compatible with all the sales systems you already use (like JustEat, Amazon, Deliveroo, Etsy, etc.) and unlike these, it will allow you to collect and store data and contact details for your users, then use them for marketing purposes.

The creation of your dg-Cart website, the upload of the products for the initial sale and the maintenance are included in the price, as are the reports on visits and sales. Furthermore, by contacting our team you can activate a long series of additional services and products, both digital and paper/offline, to improve the communication of your company.

WPML user since: janvier, 2016

Contractor since: juin, 2019

United Kingdom