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Jetpack est compatible avec WPML. Ce module a été testé de manière approfondie, et vous pouvez l’utiliser pour créer des sites multilingues sans aucun problème .


– Développé par Automattic

Version 12.5 (problèmes connus)

Dernier test le : août 29, 2023

Jetpack for WordPress is a powerful plugin that enhances the functionality and security of your WordPress website. It consists of several components, including site stats, which provides detailed analytics about your site’s traffic; a content delivery network (CDN) that speeds up the loading time of your images and static files; automated social media posting; a contact form builder; site backups and restoration; protection against brute force attacks; and a variety of design and customization tools. Overall, Jetpack helps you optimize and protect your WordPress site with its comprehensive set of features.

Please note: Since Jetpack is a large suite of plugins with many configurations and use-cases, you might encounter compatibility issues with some components that have not been comprehensively integrated. We are currently aware of some issues related to Jetpack Search and Jetpack CRM. If you have anything to report, please open a ticket in our Support Forum.

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