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245px-Phobos_colour_2008As space agencies around the world are working on commercial, low-cost, space trips, WPML is staying ahead of the curve. We are planning to add popular space languages, such as Lunian, Martian and Uranian.

The new code for these new languages is already in place and developers are working hard to overcome the last obstacles. It appears that automatically downloading translations, from the remote translation center, in Phobos may require new algorithms. As Phobos orbits asynchronously to Earth, the translation servers are not accessible continuously. We are currently exploring different caching mechanisms to overcome this final challenge.

Due to the complexities of this project, we plan to release a first working version only after WPML 3.1.5, which will support WordPress 3.9. WPML developers are confident that support for off-Earth languages will be completed by next year, April 1, 2015.

We are seeking beta testers. If you have an IP address on the moon, Mars or Uranus, and you wish to participate, please leave a comment and we will respond to your shortly. Remember that there are several minutes delay, between our server on Earth, so your replies might not be visible immediately.

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