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We’re delighted to announce the integration of Trusted Translations to our pool of translation partners at WPML. It brings over 15 years of experience as a full localization service.

Trusted Translations has some big clients under its belt. Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and a variety of non-profit organizations are among them. Hence, a lot of different industries, from law and medicine to real estate and agriculture. There’s even a dedicated department that handles certified legal translations.

Trusted Translations

It’s recently been making headway into the field of e-Learning. Believe it or not, translation, localization and interpretation all play an important part in this area of multilingual content creation. E-Learning can include a lot more than just static blog posts. It involves magazine features, illustrations and charts, video, quizzes and interactive courses.

At Trusted Translations, there is a term base for each client and each major industry. These contain almost 8 million words in dozens of languages and together they help ensure industry accuracy and relevancy. This approach also allows multiple linguists to work on a single project. All the while, the term base maintains consistency in their terminology.

“We are excited to implement WPML with our clients’ multilingual content on WordPress. Especially considering the benefits it brings in terms of search engine optimization,” explains CEO of Trusted Translations, Inc., Richard Estevez. “Given the importance of WordPress and the internet, this partnership will be invaluable. It will increase our clients’ traffic and conversion rates on multilingual content.”

Its team offers a full in-house desktop publishing service which can produce translations from a wide range of formats, such as the Adobe suite, AutoCAD and more. This includes graphic designers and multimedia experts, who ensure that the finished product preserves the form and function of the original.

Regarding customer satisfaction, there’s a quality guarantee built in. Trusted Translations keeps working with its clients until everyone’s 100% happy with the translations.

Interested in choosing Trusted Translations to make your WordPress site multilingual? If you still don’t have WPML, feel free to purchase the Multilingual CMS package and get started.

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