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WooCommerce Multilingual 3.8.2 – keeping up with WooCommerce and continuing compatibility with other extensions. And other fixes.

WooCommerce 2.6 was released not long ago and we made sure that our plugin will accommodate all new changes in our previous versions. Yet a couple of things slipped through and we addressed them in this new release.

Some of these changes impacted different WooCommerce extensions or how our WooCommerce Multilingual works together with them. These issues were also addressed in version 3.8.2
Here are some extensions for which we fixed compatibility problems in the new version (not all are directly related to WooCommerce 2.6) :

  • WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping: new logic for shipping classes required some logic to be updated in this extension but also on the compatibility logic from our end.
  • Dynamic Pricing: the discount was not shown on the mini-cart
  • Product Add-ons: some strings were not translated

We also added a new filter (‘wcml_product_custom_prices’) that allows other plugins to programmatically adjust or simply set custom prices for products.

The translatable fields for external products are not placed into a separate section in the products translation editor. Previously they were simply listed as custom fields.

external products

You can find the list of all the changes that are more significant in the changelog.

Last but not the least important, WooCommerce Multilingual 3.8.2 is faster. Larger changes in version 3.8 and fine-tuning done in the following versions allow sites (especially larger sites) to have load times even with 20-25% smaller on shop related pages from the front end. The effort for improving these numbers even further continues and it’s also combined with current work being done in WPML.

Getting the update

You should receive this update automatically to the WordPress admin. If you want, you can also download WooCommerce Multlingual from the WordPress downloads page.

Speaking of, if you think that our plugin makes your life easier and better, please rate WooCommerce Multilingual to let others know that they could experience the same thing. Thanks in advance!

Need technical help?

If you need help with WooCommerce Multilingual, please start a new thread in WPML support. Then, add a comment here with a brief description and a link to that thread. We’ll follow up and make sure that everything gets handled.

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