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It’s almost time for the holiday breaks and we want to make sure that you can take that well deserved break without worrying about things breaking in your absence. WPML 3.6.2 handles a number of issues that came up in the last two weeks. It includes both bug fixes, compatibility improvements and accessibility improvements.

Since WPML 3.6 introduces a brand new language switcher, it also triggered a number of compatibility issues and edge cases. Some were related to hostings with (smart) restrictive access, some to different themes and plugins and some just plain bugs.

This update includes:

  • WPML 3.6.2
  • WPML String Translation 2.5.1
  • WPML Translation Management 2.2.6

The full list of changes in this update

  • Prevent throwing an exception when the cache directory for the language switcher template is not created or not writable (errata)
  • The language switcher settings are now accessible from mobiles
  • Fixed a conflict of the Language Switcher with multiple queried taxonomies in WooCommerce layered navigation
  • Fixed issue where in some installations, the Language Switcher was missing from the secondary language menu
  • Clearing language switcher colors was not updating the preview
  • Some menus were not available to assign a language switcher
  • In the language switcher dialog, the save button was disabled after clicking on it with no selected slot
  • Notifications for translating a page builders can now be dismissed
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Enfold causing “Warning: ILLEGAL STRING OFFSET ‘LANGUAGE_CODE'”
  • Restored option for setting editing language as admin language
  • Resolved issue with users not staying logged in across domains when using different domains per language
  • Updating serialized custom fields that are set to ‘copy’ won’t causes extra rows in the DB
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Yoast SEO and BuddyPress causing an “Uncaught exception”
  • Fixes issue with Sticky header appearing in the Wizard when using Chrome
  • Fixed issue where duplicated posts were having the “Needs update” status
  • Resolved notice when passing an associative array of post types to WP_Query
  • Fixed an issue where multiple lines got stripped when copying all fields in the Translation Editor
  • Fixed compatibility issue with ACF Pro causing fatal error for translatable field groups
  • Raised the order of calling the wpml_translatable_user_meta_fields filter to allow displaying translated user meta on the front-end

Updating to WPML 3.6.2

As always, you will receive this update for WPML plugins automatically to all registered sites. You can download and install manually from your WPML account. Please be sure to update all of WPML’s components.

This is a minor update, which isn’t changing much of the existing functionality. Still, it’s always a good idea to backup before updating anything in your sites.

Still have a problem?

We hope that this covers everything. Please note that some problem reports in the support forum are still open, but we could not replicate issues. If you’re updating WPML to 3.6.2 and your issue is not resolved (be sure to update all of WPML’s componenets), please help us by providing a Duplicator package. In many cases, problems are due to interactions with very specific themes or plugins that we just don’t have, or due to configuration that we’re not aware of.

Again, we want to make sure that you’re going into the holiday season without any worries or emails from upset clients. We have great plans for WPML 3.7 development, but we will put them on hold if there are issue that you need us to look at.

How can we make WPML better for you?

Share your thoughts and comments about our plugin, documentation, or videos by booking a Zoom call with Agnes, our Client Advocate. Your feedback matters and helps us improve.

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