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Marcel or Andreas - they know my website already. ThomasK-130
We did not seem to communicate well. The conversation seemed to go in circles and in the end I had to just leave the ticket. JuneW
Itamar is great, but at the moment he's too busy. I just prefer to speak with someone else less busy than Itamar Giravolts-2
Everything is fine with Itamar. But I have already some open tickets with Marcel and he knows my website well. ThomasK-130
couldn't resolve the error on my site last time Callums
I prefer Italian support. VincenzoM-17
I prefer Italian support. VincenzoM-17
I would prefer Bruno, the same person that helped my with my last ticket and knows the history of the issue AnitaK-2
didn't help AndrewA-19
He gives good help and already knows about the site in question. BengtR


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Supporter 返信 投稿 経過時間
Some of my medias don’t appear 1 2

トピック作成者: constantinS-4 トピック: English Support
Quick solution available

2 20 1 年、 11 ヶ月前


Easy Digital Downloads: cart and checkout not translated

トピック作成者: alessioD-5 トピック: English Support

4 8 2 年、 11 ヶ月前


Missing argument 4

トピック作成者: ramon トピック: English Support

2 2 3 年前


Translation in string translation does not appear on website

トピック作成者: Nina Gonzalez トピック: English Support

3 5 4 年、 1 ヶ月前


Forum Topics Created

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Email template issue

トピック作成者: Itamar トピック: תמיכה בעברית

1 3 1 ヶ月、 3 週間前


Itamar Test ticket – what happens when I submit a new ticket

トピック作成者: Itamar トピック: English Support

3 4 1 年、 4 ヶ月前


Itamar -test לא יכול לראות את השדות פרטי כניסה לאתר

トピック作成者: Itamar トピック: תמיכה בעברית

1 2 1 年、 7 ヶ月前


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