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These search plugins expand your search options beyond what appears in posts and pages and include advanced options to help your users find what they're looking for. 


Relevanssi allows you to search your site for custom field content, taxonomy terms, shortcode outputs, and more. It displays results with the highlighted search term and includes fuzzy matches to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

SearchWP allows you to find any piece of content on your website without the need to write any code. This includes many fields that are normally ignored by native WordPress search, including eCommerce product details, custom field content, and PDF and documentation.

WPSOLR uses Elasticsearch, Algolia, or Solr to power your site’s search and provide typo-tolerant and flexible search results. WPSOLR can apply language specific searches on top of WPML translations. This means your clients can conduct relevant searches in more than 50 languages.

ElasticPress, a fast and flexible search and query engine for WordPress, enables WordPress to find or “query” relevant content extremely fast through a variety of highly customizable features.

Pricing model
Plugin price$0-451$99-399€499-1999$0-699
Date testedTháng Hai 8, 2024Tháng Một 8, 2024Tháng Một 27, 2024Tháng Năm 22, 2024
Search in custom post types
Search by content
Weight search results
Load results as you search with Ajax
Provide search suggestions
Index PDF, DOC, RTF content
Multisite search
Search user profiles
Search taxonomy terms
Search shortcode output
More about RelevanssiMore about SearchWPMore about WPSOLRMore about ElasticPress

We only recommend plugins that show an ongoing commitment to WPML compatibility. The authors of the plugins featured in the table above work closely with the WPML team on a regular basis to ensure you can build a reliable, multilingual site.

All WPML-compatible Enhancements for Text Search plugins

Plugin name

Plugin house

Last tested date

Compatibility Status

Tháng Một 27, 2024

Tháng Hai 8, 2024

Tháng Một 8, 2024

Tháng Năm 22, 2024

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