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هل لديك أسئلة؟ أتحتاج إلى توضيح؟ اكتب تعليقك هنا وسنقوم بالرد عليك.

115 تعليق إلى “أسئلة ما قبل البيع”

  1. Hello,
    Is there a free trial version I can use to test the translation before I buy?

    I tried few translator plugins and all don’t meet my expectation because Arabic is read from right to left and some translation are incorrect.

    I either need to be able to fix the translation specifically or exclude some part from the auto translation

    is your plugin allows the above feature? can I try it for 3 days to see if it works as expected?


  2. hello dear I want to buy but before I make it want ask
    If my web site English LTR
    When one chose Arabic are will be RTL
    are is translate a post only or all website will be RTL
    and are what option include
    into any porsches name

    • Hello,
      WPML is a plugin for making your site multilingual, which means, making it available in more than one language. WPML supports RTL as well and you can have one some languages in LTR and some in RTL. Please choose a theme that already supports RTL.

  3. if i buy the plugin(agency plan) , is it legal to use it in a new website after the first year ( i don’t need support )

    if i buy the blog plan this year and after more than year i need to upgrade to thr agency plan how much i will need to pay ( full price or just the different )

    • 1. Yes, you can use WPML plugins after the first year even if you don’t renew your subscription. As you noticed, you will lose access to our support forum and also to new versions of our plugins.

      2. You will pay just the difference.

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