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  1. rimas says:


    Can you translator translate embedded site? I have amazon site embeded to my site and want translate it from english to russian online for customers. Is it possible?

  2. Tracy says:

    Hi there, I’m taking over maintenance a site which uses your WPML plugins and it looks like there are newer versions to update to – where can I find what the latest version numbers are so I can see how out of date the following plugins are:
    String Translation
    Translation Management

    Also there might be an active account for this site but I no longer have access to the email account with which the plugins were originally purchased – I know what it probably was though if that helps.

    Many thanks,

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Tracy,

      You can see the numbers in your WPML account, under Downloads. Since you don’t have access, let me list them for you:
      WPML Multilingual CMS – 3.4.1
      WPML String Translation – 2.3.9
      WPML Translation Management – 2.2.1

      WPML subscription belongs to the person who purchased WPML and only the subscription owner can use the WPML account.
      If however the previous owner had the Lifetime subscription and she registered all the websites in her account, you should be able to update the plugins from your WP admin directly.

      Otherwise you need to purchase your one copy of the subscription.

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Agnes and thank you for your prompt reply.

      It was me who originally subscribed – can I please converse via private email as I don’t want to disclose company information publicly

      Many thanks,

      • Agnes Bury says:

        Hi Tracy, we can change your email address only if you provide us with some evidence that the previous one belonged to you (for example the order number). Please use the form again (my colleague Mercedes notified me that you two got in touch) and send us anything that confirms your rights to the previous subscription. Other everybody who knows someone’s else email address could do so. I hope you understand.

      • Tracy says:

        Thanks Agnes, the order number was 13036 – searched through old emails on old laptop to find it.

  3. Chris Tsang says:

    Hello, I am building a a multi-language and national website and using woocommerce. I wonder if your plugin works for product attribute multilinual? As I am building an order form in both Chinese and English, I need a plugin to translate the attribute of the order form to English.

    Also, does your plugin support WooCommerce Product Price Based on Countries?

    Thank you.

  4. Colette Lane says:

    I am trying to find the Invoice for our purchase about 3 years ago to see if we paid for a lifetime license.

    Order ID: 25480

    We have been using Polylang and need to switch to WPML. Thank you for your help.

  5. Maz says:


    I’ve got 70 countries in which I need to develop a multisite multilingual website for. Each of these need unique content including pages which maybe completely different layout and content. Our approach is that we will have each website translated by each country. Will WPML allow for unique content to be added without automatically translated by the plugin?

    There will only be me and a few others that will be going into the admin area so I’m really not bothered about having this bit translated as the team will be in the UK.

    • Agnes Bury says:


      Will WPML allow for unique content to be added without automatically translated by the plugin?

      Yes, this is exactly how WPML works. You can translate your posts, pages (and other contents) yourself and independently.

      You plan to use a WordPress Multisite so now the question is whether you plan to use different plugins and different themes on different sites. If so, please check the Multilingual Press plugin. It may suit your needs better.

      • Maz says:

        Okay, so if I was to add my own unique content to a page in the UK website I would be able to add my own unique content of the same page in Italy without the plugin auto translating for me? For example there will be an about us for all countries but this page for each country will have their own content sent from the individual countries. Just want to make sure I’m understanding correctly as I’ve read that WPML will translate one page to several other languages which was how I thought WPML worked.

        I have a few more queries too.

        I have already built 4 websites. Would WPML be easy to install now these have been built?
        I have also built the site using Advanced custom fields for users to be able to make up a page easily and move segments of the page around. Does WPML work well with ACF?

        One final question, obviously for me I would probably purchase the CMS version. I have a multisite setup as a subdirectory. Do need one install or several?

  6. Han says:


    We have a question about the licensing policy.
    We are a web agency.
    When you purchase a Plug-In which we are going to be applied to all sites for commercially produced?

    Thank you.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi, yes, exactly, you need to purchase only one WPML subscription and you can use it for all the sites you build.

  7. Pamela Stott says:

    Where is your vat registration number on your site.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hello, For VAT purposes we are registered in Cyprus. Here is the company’s VAT number: EU196000846

  8. anushkaW says:

    I purchased wpml blog an hour ago. But I didn’t got additional info on login and download instructions. Could you help me out?


  9. Davi says:

    In the license Multilingual CMS Lifetime is there any restrictions for on how many domains we can install your plugin? (Unlimited websites = could be install on unlimited domains?)

  10. Ada says:

    Hi, I’d like to know if we could use the currency switcher part of your plugin first, as the website copy has not been yet finalized. However we will confirm the copy within a month. Can we therefore start from the currency switcher and see how it works for us right now? Thanks for your support.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Ada,
      yes, you can. Please note that the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin (which includes the currency switcher) has been designed to turn your online WooCommerce-based stores into multilingual ones and help you to translate the products to different languages. If you want to use the WPML plugins to switch your currencies only you are free to do so but you will need to install all required plugins as well.

    • Ada says:

      Hi Agnes,

      Can you please tell us what is the cost of all plugins needed in order to get the multi-currency and multilingual website ready?

      Thank you, Ada

  11. Brian says:

    I just filled out the form to buy WPML and submitted the order but accidentally inserted my email address as [email edited] instead of [email edited] so I cannot retrieve the account name and password to download the plugin. Can you assist?


  12. andrea says:

    Good evening, I wanted to ask some questions about the translation
    a customer asked me to translate the site in two languages
    English and French
    and it also give me the traslation text
    so i don t need the google automati traslation
    so at this point how can I go what do you recommend ?
    what kind of plugin ?
    thanks waiting

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Andrea,
      yes, this is exactly where WPML can help you. It will help you to create posts and page in these two languages. If you need to translate your posts and pages only the Blog version is enough:

      You can upgrade to higher version in needed and you will pay the diffrence only.

  13. Lisa Gray says:

    I need to use a translation system that does not rely on Google translate. We need this to work in China, and they block everything related to Google. Does WPML use Google for its translations?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Does WPML use Google for its translations?

      not it doesn’t since WPML doesn’t translate your contents automatically. You insert the translations yourself or you can use one of the translation services integrated with WPML (these are paid extra).

  14. Juan Irusta says:

    I have a question. I havent bought WPML yet, but I need to know about a feature that’s important to decide if Im gonna do it. If I choose to make woocommerce products “not translatable”, will WPML still duplicate products for the secondary language ?

  15. jose-mariaG-3 says:

    I have purchased the Blog version and I’d like to know what happens if I update to de CMS version. My Blog subscription ends in November, will my new CMS subscription end next November or one year after the update?

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