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32,104 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. We have a print magazine that already has a translator from english to spanish.

    I want to but the app to avoid buying a whole website dedicated to spanish readers, but since we already have the post content ready, can you upload the text we have for the posts to translate as we want? we also need the non-post text translated separately.

    • Your previous question has been awaiting moderation. I have replied and asked you some follow-up questions.

  2. Hi,
    Hope everything is ok, i want to delete my wpml tables from site include media entries for all language from database.
    can i you please provide me sql qurie that can help? bcz site have 20k+ images in single language

    • Hello,
      this is a section where potential clients can ask pre-sales questions. My understanding is that you already have WPML installed on your site so you would need technical help. YOu can check this doc: but if it doesn’t help, please open a ticket on our support forum.

  3. Hello I wasn’t sure if the pricing of $99 was a one-off or a yearly subscription. What happens if I pay the fee for the first year and cancel after that, will the plugin stop functioning?

    • Hello, no, the plugin won’t stop functioning (and you won’t lose your translations) even if you cancel your subscription. Canceling WPML subscription means “no future updates (versions) of WPML and no access to open new threads on our support forum”.

  4. I wasn’t sure if the price for your plugin was a one-off payment or a yearly subscription fee. What happens if I pay for the first year, and do not renew? Will the plugin stop working?

  5. We have inherited a site which is using an old version of your modules (v3.9.3) and have noticed a number of issues with translations not showing correctly, particularly in the admin area. Before we buy the module for our client to obtain the latest version, we have a number of technical queries on the module functionality and keen to see changelog too for changes made from this current old version, to latest version. Do you have a pre-sales email address please to send all queries to? We don’t want to post in a public forum.

  6. Hi,

    we are using WordPress for our support websites. We would like to be able to have the different posts translated by ou internal translators, but without them having to log into the WordPress website to go and fetch the translation job (which I know how to do).
    Is it possible to “assign” a job to a translator, so they can translate it through a web interface or some other way? We try to avoid having them log into our site.

    kind regards,

    • Hello,
      they do need to log in but you can add them with the Subscriber role so they won’t be able to do anything else on your site but only access the translation queue and translate your posts/pages. To do so, you need to Go to WPML > Translation Management > Translators and add them as translators with the Subscriber role

  7. Hello i want to ask if i purchase the one wih 99$ one website also mean one network what i mean if i have domain with multisub domain will also support in this package or i have to buy another licence or what

  8. Hello,
    I’m trying to purchase a new account but the payment is pending for a while now. Please review order no #11226191. Maybe if we change the payment method?

    Thank you,

    • Hello, yes, I can see that your order is still pending which means we have not charged you for it. You need to log in to your WPML account and you will find a button to pay for it. Please go to your Payment history and invoices page and you will find the invoice there. Click View order and you will find the button to pay and proceed to checkout. If you need to request a new password you can do it here

  9. Hi,

    I have one more question, the advanced translation editor looks like professional translation tool for sure.
    Is there any option to use an editor lo for example Weglot, where you get a preview from the page, post… to translate and you click an element to translate it in wysiwyg?

    • Hello Sage,

      Yes, when you use our Advanced Translation Editor (ATE) you have the needed tools to translate your content. Furthermore, if you use our Translate Everything feature, you can review and edit your translation from the front-end.


  10. Hello, I wanted to ask if the Multilingual Agency plan is for life or the unlimited websites can be ‘registered’ only for a year.

    I understand that support is offered for the 1st year only but after that year can i use the plugin in more new sites (without asking for support ofcource) and without paying again the purchase fee?

    • Hello Nikos,
      We no longer sell lifetime subscriptions, of any kind.
      That being said, you can buy an Agency subscription and make use of it for a year. Register all the sites you want (since this is an unlimited sites subscription). If you don’t pay for the renewal fee, you will lose updates and support but will be able to keep using WPML on your site(s) as it in installed.

      Kind regards,

  11. Hello,
    on our website we have a number of API generated articles (every 30 mins new article) which we would like to translate from English to multiple languages, automatically.

    Is this something WPML can provide out of the box? Will the articles get translated right upon publishing the original (EN)?

    Thank you,

    • Hello Martin,

      Our Translate Everything feature is still pretty new and we are always implementing and improving its experience. Thus if when creating your products you are using a save_post hook, it will trigger automatically your translation settings.
      However, if it is not the case, you can still send your articles to translation from WPML.


  12. Hi, I am Hogan from Korea. I paid for Multiliningual CMS. This is the invoice ID: (edited)
    I made a payment, and when I tried to use the program, I saw the phrase “You have already activated this account. Please upgrade your account instead.” You guys ask me to pay again. What should I do?

    I want your answer in my e-mail please. thank you

    • Hello,
      where do you see this message? What do you do to see this message? I can see that the status of your order is correct and your WPML subscription’s status is also correct. I can also see that you successfully registered your site.

  13. Hello,

    One more question, I can quite easily add an item to the glossary manually. What are the possibilities to import existing glossaries maintained in other software packages?

    Thank you,

  14. hello,

    my woocommerce site has both English and Greek versions. On my Greek version the product and check-out page has some strings that are not translated.
    will your app assist me in solving this issue?

    • Hello,
      WPML is a plugin to make your site multilingual which means making it available in more than one language. When you say that your site has both English and Greek versions I’m not sure if your site already uses WPML or you just mean that you see a mix of languages on your site but you don’t need your site to be multilingual. If your goal is just to have your site only in one language please use the Loco Translate plugin instead (you don’t need WPML). But if you want your store to be available in more than one language, then yes, please purchase WPML and it will allow you to translate your products and other strings to other languages.

  15. hello,

    my woocommerce site has both English and Greek versions. On my Greek version the product and check-out page has some strings that are not translated.
    will your app assist me in solving this issue?

  16. Hi,

    I’m thinking in change from TranslatePress to WPML, can you please tell me if we do so the translations we already have would be imported to WPML.


  17. I am not sure if the code behind each page will be changed to multi-languages if I use this plugin?
    There are some plugins that translate the front page languages to multi-languages, but the code behind is still original English perhaps.

    • Hello, indeed there are plugins our there (GTranslate is one example) that translate your content “on the fly” and don’t save the translations in your database and yes, you are correct that from the database perspective your content is kept in one (original) language. WPML works differently. When you translate your posts, pages and other WP stuff, even if you use automatic translation (which is possible in WPML but optional) the translations are saved in your database.
      Here’s a demo site translated with WPML:
      As you can see each of the pages has a separate URL for Portuguese.

  18. I am looking at WPML as a translation tool for a WordPress Multisite installation and I need to check if certain functionality is possible.
    On the Multisite there will be one individual website for each language. e.g WordPress site 1: and WordPress site 2: and so-on.

    The base language of each of these sites is English and we need a single translation for each, whilst also maintaining the URL structure – e.g Is it possible to use WPML to translate a website without any impact on the URL structure?

  19. Hi,
    I received the message from the WPML account below
    “Your Multilingual CMS account has expired. To download WPML and get support, please purchase a new account”. Kindly guide me to purchase the same plan.

    • Please log in to your WPML account first and then purchase again. If you cannot see any option on your WPML account to renew your subscription, please go to the purchase page (but please get logged in when doing so).

  20. We already have an WPML account but we lost all the login info. Can’t even remember which email we used. How do we do to retrieve all this info and access our account?

    • Yes, please give us your site URL and if it is registered we can check with which email it was registered.

  21. Hi Agnes/Mercedes,

    I just finished a website and I launched it. Now I still need to do two things, SEO and Multilanguage. What is the best sequence, 1st the SEO or 1st the Multilanguage? For me to know which app I buy first. 🙂

  22. Hi, I’ve been recommended to add WPML on my website for multi-currency and multi-lingual functions. My website sells prepaid subscription boxes using Woocommerce subscriptions and prepaid subscription plugins. Is WPML compatible with these plugins and will both functions be available?

    • WooCommerce Multilingual is fully compatible with popular extensions, including:

      WooCommerce Subscriptions
      WooCommerce Product Add-ons
      WooCommerce Product Bundles
      WooCommerce Bookings
      Woocommerce Composite Products
      WooCommerce Tab Manager
      WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

      Are your plugins on this list?

  23. Hello

    The Prepaid for Wooconmerce subscriptions isn’t on the list, does that mean it’s not compatible? Additionally, may I check whether WPML also offers multi-currency checkout feature?
    Thank you.

    • It doesn’t mean that it won’t work, it just means we didn’t test it. The multi-currency switcher works on the single-product pages. On the checkout page, you won’t see the switcher meaning as soon as the product is added into the basket you cannot change the currency (unless you change it for another product which you will add to the basket too).

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