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  1. Hi all.

    I’m trying to buy WPML for my company but in the buy form the VAT field is too short for our VAT number.

    You can solve in any way?


  2. Hi

    I need a plugin that translates from English to Afrikaans. I see from some posts that Afrikaans needs to be added manually. I am trying to understand how that would work. Does that mean I add the translated text? I need a plugin that does it automatically please. I don’t have time to translate it myself.

    Many Thanks

  3. In wordpress admin, it offers a lifetime option for $195 but this option is not available on your website. Could i please get some information on this.

    • Hello Michael,
      Thanks for writing about this. The lifetime offer is no longer available. Let me contact you about this via e-mail. I would like to ask you for a screenshot of it.

      Kind regards,

    • Hello Gabriele,
      No, we no longer have this offer. We used to have it a few years ago. But thanks for checking.

  4. Can I set WPML to detect the users browser language?

    I dont see an option for it – but someone else told me it was possible in WPML thanks

  5. But I dont want to redirect to a different page – I just want to show text/grsvity form on the existing page without url parameters. And just use the browser language instead.

    • What the WPML feature does, yes, it will redirect you to a different page, which is the same page the user is visiting but in the user’s language. This is what we have and how it works. If you need something different, you will need to apply some custom solutions.

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