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  1. Periamma.org says:

    Hi wpml,

    We are a non-profit organisation looking for a multi-language solution. Browsing your site it seems that you have a special offer for non-profits – is that still the case?

    Kind regards,
    Søren of Periamma

    • mercedes says:

      We have discontinued the support for new non-profits, I am afraid. We still support the existing sites in our system but are not taking on new ones.
      Thanks for your interest.

  2. Cristina says:

    I need to know if WPML works with Divi Theme and Woocommerce. I need to do multilingual all my website, fom Home Page to all the product descriptions and categories.

  3. Mike says:

    Hi there,

    I have WP All Import and also the Listify theme. For each listing which I would like to import into Listify, there is a unique identifier. For each unique identifier I have multiple language files (already pre-translated) which I would like to import into Listify (whereby the unique identifier is found across all the language files to denote it is the same listing, just in a different language). I am wondering how can I organise all this information into the Listify theme so that people can toggle into different languages, and how to organise the URLs for example using a subdomain for each language OR putting the language in the URL somehow. I am happy to pay someone to set this up to save me time as well.

    Kind regards,

  4. Svend says:

    Hi support
    I’m trying to buy the WPML full package $195, and are taken to the verified by VISA page. I provide all needed information, but are when accepting taken back to the original page with a statement that saying that “authorisation failed”. What to do?

  5. Skitzesko says:

    Hi guys I would love to buy WPML but I am only allowed to purchase from within the economical jurisdiction of the European Union. Can you bill from an EU country or would the invoice come from OnTheGoSystems Inc Hong Kong?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      I’m not sure what “being allowed to purchase from within the economical jurisdiction of the European Union” means but if you are a business registered in the EU and have a VAT number, be sure to enter it to our checkout page, so that we don’t have to charge you VAT.

      On the invoice the our Hong Kong address will appear. Please visit the page and scroll down the screen. You will see the full name that will appear on your invoice. https://wpml.org/faq/getting-your-tax-invoice-after-buying-wpml/

  6. huabu says:


    if there are courses plugins lets say you have additional menu buttons and pages in your wordpress because of that, can these extra menues and pages be manually translated with the wpml plugin ? And if yes, which package do you need to buy ? is the cheapest enough ?

    Thanks !

    • Agnes Bury says:


      it depends on the plugin and how these features were implemented in it. If they were implemented using WP standards, there is a good change they will appear in your navigation automatically and you will be able to translate them using WPML.

      If you just need to translate pages and your menu, the Blog version should suffice. Please note that you can buy the Blog version and if it turns out that you need some extra WPML modules that are available only in the CMS version, you can upgrade from the Blog version to the CMS one for the difference in price. You will find a link to do so in your WPML account.

      If your course plugin have more elements to translate (more than just posts, pages, menu), please check if it’s available on our “plugins compatible with WPML” list. In that case you will need the CMS version to translate these extra strings/elements.

  7. Elena says:


    A client of ours has built a website using wordpress and plans to use WPML for multilngual control.

    Please let me know what are the options to do the version control for translations in WMPL.
    Is there a feature that allows to get a notification when English content is updated, so we know that translations need to be done? Is there a way to export only new content (in xliff format)?
    Or are there any additional plugins that need to be installed to be able to streamline updates translation process?


  8. Debbie says:

    Can this Plug in translate the existing database information on my site?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hello Debbie,
      WPML doesn’t translate automatically. It provides you an interface to translate different strings of your website. If your theme is WPML compatible, you will be able to translate all strings, even the ones coming from your theme options. If it’s not compatible you sure still be able to translate pages, posts, categories, tags, menus, etc.

  9. Matt says:

    Hi There,

    I’d like to be able to create a .com mirror of my .co.uk store for US-based customers. Is this possible? The content, stock, and products will be the same, but the domain and currency would be changed automatically.


  10. Yvonne says:


    Our developer build our website with WPML. WPML expires in 5 days and we want a renewal. But we do not have acces to his account page, so how can we renewal our subscription? Can’t seem to find a way to make a new account and renew with the link that WordPress gives us.


    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Yvonne, only the subscription owner can renew it. So you would need to ask your developer to do so. He/she needs to log into his/her WPML account and there will be an option to renew. If you would like to have your own subscription to make independant from your developer, you would need to buy it on your behalf.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      “you would need to buy it on your behalf.” I mean, to buy a new subscription, with your own email.

  11. Victor says:


    i’mthinking about to buy a CMS license, but… is there any discount if once i had bought the CMS license and later i want to buy the lifetime?


    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Victor, currently we have an option to upgrade from the CMS version to the Lifetime version for the difference in purchase price (providing your WPML subscription haven’t expired yet). This may change in the future.

  12. Alex says:


    Do you guys have any admin demo for this plugin? Especially for the cms package?

    Thank You

  13. chiennyt says:

    Hi, i just checked your plugin is for unlimited website.
    is it means once i purchase it, i can install it at many website by not restricted to one only is it?

    For the renewal account is it same apply?

    Thank you.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      yes to both of your questions. So you just need to buy one WPML subscription. After the first year, again, you just need to renew it and again, use it for all your websites and websites you build for your customers.

      • Victor says:

        But you’ll make some advertising or something? Some kind of newsletter or something?

        • Agnes Bury says:

          I don’t know yet, but let me find out.

        • Agnes Bury says:

          Hi Victor, so now the option to upgrade from “CMS” to “Lifetime” is available, but sometime in the future we are planning to remove the option for Lifetime accounts but even if we do so, we will announce it ahead of time so our current ‘yearly’ clients (like you) will be aware of losing the ability to upgrading to Lifetime (which they have now) and you will still be able to upgrade to Lifetime for a few weeks. I hope it helps.

    • chiennyt says:

      Thank you very much.

      Have a nice day

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