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  1. This plugin is not REAL multilingual plugin. Because according to users of this plugin (and my study of documentations), this plugin is actually ‘self-translation’ assisting tool. it does not allow translation like transposh. I have to hire professional dual-language expert, get content translated and then paste it, right??

      • great!! one last thing. can i machine translate unlimited content with that advance editor? or there is any words limit or monthly charges like subscription?

        • Hello,
          now the Advance Translation Editor is still in beta and while it’s in beta it’s free and there are no limitations in terms of the length of your content. After the official release, ATE will become a paid service. But the good news is that every website registered to use ATE when it’s in beta, will be able to use it for free forever. So let’s say you have the X site. You register ATE for it now. You will be able to use ATE for that site always for free, even after ATE becomes a paid service/feature.

  2. Hi i signed up and paid for 1 site ($29.00), now when i go see my purchase i notice there are 2 extra entries saying pending. i hope i wont be charged for those since all i needed was for 1 site. Furthermore i am unable to get WPML plug-in to setup my site to translate pages from english to french.Could you please help me. Thank you

      • Hello Mercedes
        Thank you for your response.
        In order to get our website webpages translatable using WPML, at the download i was presented to download WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML Media which i did. My website is using ASTRA 1.5.5 word press theme and Elementor for page building. After installing the two plug-in presented, i am asked to install WPML translation string. when i click the install button,a page opens not showing this plug-in, so you see i cant get this to work.
        If you require ScreenShots to the process i followed, please supply an e-mail address.
        our website address is https://st-hubertsathyasai.ca , you can verify the page and advise how i can setup WPML to translate all theses pages. Thank you

  3. re:
    Trial Version to test?

    Hi WPML folks,

    My client, statschippac is a semiconductor package company

    They have contracted my firm to build a new WP site. They are located in USA, China, Singapore and Korea.
    We have leased a server space at WPengine.com

    Your software plugin was recommended to me.

    We need to create in English first, then Simplified Chinese and Korean versions

    Is it possible to get a trial version before we do a full purchase? The client wants to see first hand how it will handle the Simplified Chinese and Korean.

    We can do this on only a couple of pages to test it out.


    CELL: 408 813-7318

    • Hello Paul,

      Thanks for your interest in WPML. The only way to test WPML on your site is to buy it with our refund policy in mind. It allows you to test WPML for 30 days, without any risk. You can also access our support forum during your trial.

        • How strong is the SIMPLIFIED CHINESE language translation?

          Are you asking about machine (automatic) translations? We use the Azure’s MT engine. The automatic translations are pretty good but definitely required some polishing by a human.

          To be able to use the machine translation feature you need the WPML Translation Management plugin, which is available only in the “Multilingual CMS” (or Multilingual Agency) package.

  4. great!! one last thing. can i machine translate unlimited content with that advance editor? or there is any words limit or monthly charges like subscription?

  5. Hi I need to know if you have a Woocommerce Multi currency plugin thats works with the YITH AUCTIONS FOR WOOCOMMERCE.

    Is there any link to the “WPML Currency Switcher” plugin

  6. Hi there,

    In order to buy a license a need following data about your company, please feel free to e-mail me with following information:

    Company Name
    Postal code
    Contact e-mail

    • Hello,
      This is what you will see in your odrer after purchasing WPML:

      OnTheGoSystems Limited
      22/F 3 Lockhart Road
      Hong Kong

      Registration number: 1683657 VAT number: EU196000846

      We don’t have a phone number and any official email. If you need any email address we are using to contact our customers, you can contact us using this form: https://wpml.org/home/contact-us/contact-form/ and we will reply you back. I cannot share the email in comments.

  7. Hi there!
    I would like to know if WPML now supports websites with different languages hosted in different locations. For example, the main website with http://www.domain.com is hosted in the US, and fr.domain.com is hosted in France. Will this function be possible for WPML?
    Thank you very much!

  8. Hi guys,

    I bought a license (CMS) a little over 1 1/2 years ago. Entered two domains (for site keys / license) but the project was closed before going live.

    Now I want to use the version for my current project, but I’m not able to change the site keys, nor I’m able to download the plugin.

    Is this a bug or expected behavior? I think you wrote somewhere that a license once bought can be used as long as its compatible.

    Please help me – activating my new site with the plugin I’ve bought.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Benjamin,
      you can still use the plugins that you downloaded/installed a year ago but an active subscription is required to access the Download section in your WPMl account. If you have the WPML plugins saved somewhere in your local or remote drive, you can use them. But I wouldn’t recommend doing so since for security reasons it’s better to use the most recent version of WordPress and plugins.

    • Hello Santosh,
      If you do not renew your account you can keep using the files you have installed on your site but you will lose access to updates and support.

      kind regards,

  9. you mean i may have to pay extra for add-ons even after buying $79 package??

    if yes then how much total if i want to make woocommerce store multi language?

    if there separate cost for advance editor??

    A reply to Paul: “We don’t have any package that includes all the WPML add-ons and can be used for one site. The Multilingual CMS ($79) package can be used for one, two or three sites. Of course, you don’t need to install it on three sites.”

    • Hello Milan,
      No, we mean that the CMS subscription includes all the add-on modules but can be used to register 1,2 or 3 sites. You do not need to pay more than 79$.
      We do not have a plan to register only 1 site including all the modules. The Blog version (29$) allows to register 1 site only but it only gives you access to the core plugin.

      Let me know if this is better now?

  10. Hello, I’d like to know if it’s possible to make work WPML on a wordpress website already done.
    I suppose the answer is yes but… it’s difficult?

  11. Hi,

    Our website has WPML but the license is from another developer. We want to buy a license. Can we just purchase the license and create a new key for the site without any conflicts.

    • Hello Marilyn,
      yes, you can. The software we provide is always the same, doesn’t matter who purchased and registered WPML.

  12. I’d like to know before purchasing if the switch language menu has the flexibility to use a subdomain or a separate domain name for each language and if so, can it be changed later from one format to another? thanks!

    • Hello Mark,
      this plugin hasn’t been tested by our Compatibility Team so we don’t know what kind of issues you might expect. Sometimes even plugins that haven’t been tested by us will work with WPML without any problems. You can consider purchasing WPML and testing it by yourself, keeping our refund policy in mind. https://wpml.org/purchase/refunds-policy/

  13. Dear people,

    we are currently using the latest Q-Translate-X which as you know is not updates for years and it has started to give us some technical problems due to its age.

    I have a few questions and hope that you can answer me.

    1) We are using German and Serbian. You support both of those languages?
    2) Is there a way to convert Q-Translate-X to the WPML? Does it cost additionally?
    3) We are a company, can we buy it with a credit card and we need a bill addressed to the company?

    Any chance of contact per email?

    Best regards,

    • Hello Fernando,
      not, it’s not 75%. May I ask why you would expect 75%? Did you see it anywhere on our pages? Maybe it was a mistake.
      The renewal for the Multilingual CMS package is $59, as the “Account renewal per year” row of this table says.

      • Please check the purchase page > Frequently Asked Questions number 5.
        How do account renewals work?
        It says 75%, which is not $59…

        • Thanks. If you pay $79 for the first year, you will pay $59 for the next one, which is more or less 3/4 of the original price.

  14. Greetings support,

    I want to buy WPML , and iam wondering if the plugin also include the support plugin for visual composer and woocommerce , or if i should buy them as well .
    The second question is how do i know if my template supports WPML ?

    • WPML integrates with WooCommerce and the Visual Composer (actually with the WPBakery plugin, the former name of Visual Composer). You will need the Multilingual CMS (or Multilingual Agency) package for both.

      >The second question is how do i know if my template supports WPML ?
      Please check this list:

      But please note that even if your theme is not on that list, it can still work with WPML.

  15. Hi,

    I’m not clear how this works. Can we add our own translations? And, if we want something to be machine translated, is that an extra cost?

  16. Can i Buy the Plugin for my client or ist it a Problem because the license will be at our companys name? Is it working with Pagebuilder Elementor?

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