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  1. Hi,
    Does this (see the description below) mean that if I do not renew WPML for the 2nd year, all pages, posts, etc. which I have translated in the past continue to work, and I will be able to modify the content manually, BUT there will be no additional translation for newly created posts and pages?

    What happens if I don’t renew my WPML account?
    You need a valid account to download WPML and get our support. Without a valid account, any WPML version that you already downloaded will continue to work normally in your sites. Nothing will stop working. Please note that a valid account is required to download any WPML version. Without a valid account, you cannot access our downloads section.

  2. Hi, I am developing a new website version of an existing public website with WPML plugin installed.
    I want to know how can I reinstall WPML on new localhost website I am working on (new WP installation)? Do I have to purchase a new licence? The new website will substitute the public one when completed.
    I have login to my client’s public website WP admin, the one with WPML installation, but I cannot find the site key in the WP admin, or whatever I need to install and activate it on the new WP install.
    What do I need to do?

    If you want I can send you a copy of the debug field.

    • Hello Bruno,
      you generate the site’s key from the WPML account. Depending on the type of your (or your client’s) WPML subscription you can register 1, 3 or the unlimited number of sites. You would need to ask your client for the credentials to his/her WPML account, go to Sites and check if you can register a new website. Then you need to enter the key into your site (plugins -> addd new -> commercial tab). You can also unregister your existing websites and register a new one in that place. Registration is required for updates and our support help. Your plugins will continue working even if your site is not registered. I hope it helps.

  3. Hello again
    I have some questions about your plugin.
    1. Does your plugin compatible with Traveler WP theme?
    2. This mean Multilingual CMS (79$) package can register in 3 websites. Is it right?
    3. at least, how many languages selections available if intalled in website?

    Thank you

    • 1. Do you mean this theme: https://wpml.org/theme/traveler/ It’s compatible but there are some known issues.
      2. That’s correct.
      3. Ad many as you need. But you need to provide the translations. There are also some other options (machine translations or you can send your content to one of the professional services integrated with WPML, both involve additional costs).

      • Please more detail about some known issues? If installed WPML plugin in this shinetheme, are there any big or some problems?

        • You need to translate your content (pages, posts, everything you have). By deafult, WPML doesn’t translate automatically. We have some options that support translations but these involve additional costs. I can explain more if you are interested.

          • Please more detail explain. I am sorry, i don’t understand at all. If your plugin doesn’t translate pages, posts and everything automatically, what is your plugin duty?

            • We provide the interface to make your site multilingual (WordPress itself doesn’t have this option) – to be able to translate everything: posts, pages, menus, categories, on the backend. But you provide the translations yourself. Our ATE editor (to be used optionally) does have the machine translation option which can help you.

  4. Hi Quick question. A friend of mine gave me the license to use WPML on 2 websites and I used it to play around and I have translated one website (the main structure at least) already. Now for practical reasons I want to buy my own license (the one for 3 websites) to be able to use the support on my own.

    1) Where do I find the license n. on the plugin? I am looking and can’t find it
    2) How can I change it once I purchased my own plugin?
    3)Will I lose all the work I have already done (set up and translations)?


    • Hello Clelia,
      thanks for your interest in WPML.
      1. You need to go to your WPML account and check the Sites section. Add your site and generate a key.
      2. In your WordPress: Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial tab
      3. You won’t lose anything.

  5. Hi quick addition

    I just saw from the previous reply how I can find the registration /unregistration function (going to plugin—new—commercial.

    While I’m there it asks me if I want to unregister… I’m a bit guarded as I don’t wanna lose the work I did and I still haven’t bought the plugin with the new license yet. Should I buy the plugin and unregister in there and register again with the new one (and I won’t lose the translations and settings?)


  6. HI, what happens if the second version of the website does not have all the pages of the first one. For example if only some posts will be translated into the second language?
    Will error messages be inserted or simply these posts will not appear in the second version of the site?

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