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34,484 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. When Automatic Translation is used on a web page will recurrent words on the following pages be charged every time from the free 90,000 translation credits I will get when buying the Multilingual CMS ?

  2. Hi

    i dont get the renew price when i move to site from the email, even i dont get the after renew price but i got 199 dollars!

    Thank you

    • Yes, because discounts are only for clients who keep renewing their subscriptions on regular basis. In your case, your subscription expired on February 25, 2023. You had switched to manual renewals and you must have missed your renewal date. We sent you 3 email reminders about this. Please use this form to explain your case and we see what we can do for you. You have been our client since 2020 so we will try to extend your expiry date manually so that you can buy again using the discount price but it’s a one-time thing because it causes us a lot of manual work. For the future please try to remember to renew on time or keep your automatic renewals. I will notify my colleague who handles the requests from this form to expect an email from you.

  3. Здравствуйте!
    Я планирую купить “Multilingual Agency” и устанавливать WPML на клиентские сайты. Можно ли ограничить количество кредитов автоматического перевода для каждого сайта?

    • Да, вы можете сделать это из своей учетной записи WPML, потому что вы назначаете кредиты каждому из ваших сайтов отдельно. Я думаю, вы уже задавали этот вопрос, и я ответил.

  4. Dear WPML Team,

    we are considering WPML for our new multilingual site. Before purchasing it we need to know if the plugin is compatible with the new WordPress Block Editor (we are using the theme Twenty Twenty-Three), as our website based on this.

    Thank you and have a great day ahead!

  5. I’m attempting to integrate with formidable forms. According to their documentation, the plugins WPML Multilingual CMS and WPML String Translation are required. Am I correct in assuming the Multilingual CMS subscription plan will include these plugins?

  6. Thank you for the answer.

    Your link sayes: “That in keeping the automatic translation times short, it means that if two pages include identical segments and are submitted to automatic translation in the same batch, it is not possible to form a translation memory entry from one page and apply it to the other. Instead, both segments will be automatically translated, and you will be charged for both.”

    If I decide to translate only a portion of the website to save credits, how long should I wait for the “Translation memory” to save the translations I have previously created, before I can translate the rest of the website?

    • It’s instant. As soon as phrase A has been translated, it’s saved in the translation memory and this phrase will be pulled from the translation memory for other occurrences of the same phrase on the page A and also for the other pages that will be translated soon afrer translating page A.

  7. Hi. May I know whether the cost of Multilingual CMS $99 is monthly/yearly/one time charge? And what happens after one year? Also May I know what is the meaning of 3 production and 9 development that comes under websites?

    • You pay $99 for the first year and about $74 for each next year (we give 25% discount for loyal clients). Renewals are optional and if you decide to cancel your subscription (which you can do at any time from within your WPML account page) you can still use WPML and keep your translations but without updates. Sites that you register as “development” will have a small banner added to your site’s footer saying that this is a development site. We introduced this feature to allow our clients to use WPML on more than 3 websites if they also have staging/testing environments. If you are testing WPML on a copy of your site, feel free to register it as “development” instead of production. With the CMS package, you can register 3 production sites and in addition, 9 sites as development sites. 12 websites in total. You can register and unregister your sites as many times as you want but you cannot get over the limits we have: 3 production sites and 9 development sites at a given time.

  8. We bought WPML about a 1.5y agos. We bought it under the assumption, that WP does not include breaking changes in most updates.
    Appearently we were wrong, since one day after our WPML support ran out (26.10.2022), an update came out.

    Now it is broken since we updated WP. We want to update WP regularly, since it does not guarantee security patches are backported.

    Now to my question:

    How often does WPML experience breaking changes? Yearly, bi-yearly, every five years?

    Best regards,

  9. Hi,
    is it possible to place an order by credit card for the first time purchase? I only got the Paypal Option but would prefer paying by credit card.


    • Hello Carl,
      Yes, you can pay with your credit card directly by selecting Alternative payment method during checkout. Right below the PayPal/credit card option.

      Kind regards,

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