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37,594 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. I’m trying to understand exactly how the translations are managed.

    Reading through documentation, it seems like when a translation is generated for a specific page (or product) that page is duplicated as a new page – including layout.

    First Q) do translated pages exist on new urls? (even if we don’t want that?)

    Second Q) If a user bookmarks the Korean translation of the ToS, then we update a paragraph in our ToS, and then the same user loads their bookmark to our ToS in Korean, what do they see? The old translations or does the new english paragraph appear in place of the old (out of date) translation?

    Thank you

    • Hello Alex,
      Yes, when you translate a page or a product, WPML creates a new entry in the database. Thus, you can have translate all the information associated into a different post, including URL’s.
      Now, when you update a translation, WPML keep the old translation in the front-end until you update it from the backend. Once you update your translation, the new content should be displayed.
      I hope it helps.

  2. Hello there,

    Do you still offer non-profit pricing? We are wanting to set up a renewal for our account. We are a registered non-profit based in Australia.

    • Hello,
      Yes, we do. To request a discount for a non-profit organisation please use this form to contact us directly. Please add your website URL. Thank you.

  3. I have purchased Woodmart, a WPML-certified theme. My question is, will buying the ‘Multilingual Blog’ package allow me to fully translate the theme manually? I intend to handle all translations myself without using automatic translation. I need to translate sliders, headers, menus, HTML blocks, and WooCommerce elements.

    • Hello,
      If your site uses WooCommerce and you would like to translate your WooCommerce products as well, the Blog package won’t suffice. You will need the CMS package. Also, the Blog package might not be enough to translate sliders.

  4. Hello, we are looking at transitioning to WPML for our website translation plugin. We are currently using TranslatePress. Can you let us know what that transition might look like from TranslatePress to WPML? We currently have many edited translations that were tweaked by our team from the auto translation. Will we lose all of that work?

    We also currently translate the site into 5 languages other than English. We are using SearchWP for our search plugin and would like to integrate WPML with SearchWP so that search results are only displayed for the current language. We also have some pages and posts that are written in a language other than English and would like to know how/if those posts and pages can be categorized as a specific language with WPML.


    • Hello Michael,
      The SearchWP plugin is compatible with WPML: but wed don’t have any TranslatePress-to-WPML migration plugin and you will need to retranslate everything from scratch using WPML (or manually copy-paste existing translations).
      If you have some pages in some other languages, yes, you can use WPML and let WPML know what is the language of this page. You do this in the WordPress editor, in the right-hand sidebar in the Languages section.

  5. Hello, I have THE GEM wordpress template, where it says that it is compatible with the WPML translator, on my site I have many videos that were created with THE GEM “portfolio”, each portfolio/video has a featured image which is finally displayed in the website, this site I need to translate into English and I need to translate each portfolio, and also add a featured image for each language, is that possible with WPML?

  6. Hello,

    we would like to use the AI-supported translations within WPML. Is it possible to conclude a Data Processing Agreement for this purpose?

    Thank you in advance and best regards,
    Daniel Vullhorst

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML.
      WPML, when translating automatically uses APIs of the following translation engines: DeepL, Google Translate and the Microsoft’s translation engine. Apart from that, WPML does its own pre- and post- processing of the machine translation to provide better translation quality and a better fit for WordPress sites. We also work on further improvements mentioned in the “Get Ready for Better Than Human AI Translation!” post.
      We don’t have any special Data Processing Agreement for this purpose but Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance documentation explains what kind of data we store and why. Could you please check it and if what we have is not enough for your needs? Thank you.

  7. Hello.

    I would like to know what is the best option to translate an existing site that has around 4000 posts (custom post type) with around 300 words inside content and another 20 custom fields per posts (text, selectors,…).
    1. If I buy credits and use in Google, it is the same translation that google translate page will give me? If not, what is the difference?
    2. Which translation plattform is giving best results for Hebrew->English translation?
    3. Will custom field values will be translated properly with the function auto translation?

    What other considierations should I have before deciding using or not WPML and auto translation?

    Thank you.

    • Hello James,
      Thank you for your interest in WPML.
      4000×300 = 1,200,000 words
      According to our credit calculator translating this number of words to one language will cost around €737.00 EUR.
      When purchasing WPML you will receive 90 000 credits for free, which will allow you to translate 45 000 words.
      To answer your questions:
      1. WPML uses DeepL, Google Translate and Microsoft APIs to translate automatically but apart from that does its own pre- and post- processing of thr translation to improve the translation quality and make all necessary WordPress-related adjustments (WordPress formatting, internal and external links handling, etc.) WPML also provide the so-called Glossary feature and Translation Memory
      2. DeepL is considered the best translation engine but it’s not yet supported for Hebrew so Google is the next one.
      3. Do you mean custom fields created with ACF? If so, yes, the Advanced Custom Filed plugin is compatible with WPML and as soon as you set up your field groups to use the so-called “Same fields” mode, text-related custom fields will be translated automatically as well.
      WPML allows you to translate manually as well.
      Here’s what you can do when setting up WPML.
      Please select the “Translate what I choose” mode instead of “Translate Everything Automatically”. This will allow you to translate a few posts to see how it works before you translate massive posts. Also, if you use custom post types, you should first enable them for translation in WPML settings.

    • Hello James,
      I have an update. The Microsoft translation engine can be a better for you (batter than Google) because they seemed to change their translation algorithm recently and it might provide better quality these days (comparable with ChatGPT). So best would be to play around with both options. In WPML settings you can select which translation engine to use. Just keep in mind that as soon as a post/page is translated with one translation engine, the translations are saved into the Translation Memory so you would need to select the “override” option when retranslating the same post/page. This is possible when you translate from the Translation Management dashboard: you select your post(s)/pages(s) and you click Translate automatically. If you do so for translated posts/pages, WPML will offer you the override option that resets the translation memory.

  8. Hello,

    how can I remove all data from WPML without an active license?

    Usually I could activate that in the WPML settings but I don’t have it installed anymore but I see a lot of things, created by WPML which I want to remove to not bloat my site with not used things.

    Hope there is an easy way!

  9. Hi

    I am trying to pay via PayPal with our corporate credit card but it is not being processed after entering the one-time password.
    Do you have an option for us to pay into a bank account?
    We will need an invoice for EUR 99 along with bank details mentioned on it. Can this be arranged?
    Also how do we pay monthly charges based on consumption?
    We are a business based in India.


    • Hello,
      Have you tried to use a card without PayPal? On the WPML checkout page, we allow to switch to Stripe. On the “checkout” page you will see a link entitled “Use a different payment processor” (at the bottom of the page, under the orange button). Please click on it.
      We don’t allow direct bank transfers.

  10. Good day. My Wpml is showing me an error that says some tables were deleted in the database. For this reason, when ever i activate wpml, all my pages will be gone and my website will be empy but when i deactivate it, all will be back.
    please i have contacted the support team through live chat and no response. I have also gone through the documentation and nothing still.

    • Hello Emmanuel,
      We will need to investigate this situation, however it needs to be done through our support forum. This is just a pre-sales page and we don’t have the required tools to access to your website in a safe way. If you are not able to access to chat, could you please open a ticket?
      I just checked our queue and I couldn’t find anything posible related.

  11. When using the automatica translations, is it just a one time thing and then after that everything is manually translated? I am wondering in terms of manual edits to auto translated text after the initial launch of the site using WPML.

    When there is an edit in the future, can the user then auto translate the same page over again after making edits to the page in their primary language?

    • Hello,
      Yes, after a page is translated manually, you can manually change the translation and make any edits you wish. And yes, when there is an edit in the future, the user can auto translate the same page over again after making edits to the page in their primary language. In this case, only the sentences that have been changed in the original page will be auto translated, the rest will use the previous translation.

  12. Hello dear

    We want to use the PAY-AS-YOU-GO service, but we don’t have online payment capabilities (credit card). Could you please provide us with an alternative payment method? For example via wire transfer, we need to use between 400,000 to 500,000 words. Your support is appreciated.

    • Hello,
      We don’t support wire transfers but you can use PayPal. Let me explain how it works.
      We offer two methods for purchasing translation credits:
      1. Pay as you go
      2. Prepaid credits (credit packages)
      Both are described in detail here:
      If you cannot use the card, you can use PayPal to pay for the Prepaid credits:
      1. Log into your WPML account
      2. Visit this page
      3. Click on Buy credits
      4. Click on Available packages
      5. You can but 200k Credits for 180 EUR
      6. On the checkout page please click “Use a different payment method” (below the Place Order button) and switch to PayPal.
      If you switch your translation engine to the Microsoft translate engine (WPML > Settings > Automatic translation > Which translation engines do you want to use?), you will need to use 1 credit per word (instead of DeepL or Google Translate that use 2 credits per word). In this case, to translate 400,000 words you will need to but 200k Credits twice, which will cost 360 EUR.
      When purchasing WPML you will get 90 000 credits for free. I hope this helps.

  13. Hi

    Below the orange button I do not see a “use a different payment processor”. How can I share the screen shot with you?

    I can only see two links below the orange button: “Terms and Conditions”; “Privacy and Security”.

    Can you share a link to make a CC payment from India?


    • Hello,
      I’m sorry but we don’t support payments by cards for the users from India. Using PayPal is the only way.

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