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  1. luca guerrini says:

    Hi, i’m a website developer using wordpress.
    Many clients are asking me to implement multilingual feature.
    My question is. May i buy a “Multilingual CMS” plugin solution and use it for all the sites i’m developing?

    Thanks in advance.

    By Luca

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hello Luca,
      yes you can. You just need to buy one WPML subscription and use it for all of the websites you build for your customers.

  2. Imran Pirvani says:


    I have one question. After translating the website and it’s pages may we manually change the translations if required. Example one page translated in chinese and then our chinese person say that the one sentence is not appropriate due to any reason and then we want to change the one sentence manually. So we may be able to do it?

    Also let me know in max what time support service replies.


  3. Imran Pirvani says:

    please also let me know how much accurately it translate specially Italian, Chinese Traditional and simplified both and German, French?

  4. Cassandra says:

    Can you please send me copies of the free version license and also the paid option Multilingual CMS?

    Many thanks

  5. collinC-2 says:


    we are an agency.
    A new client wants a WP website with WPML- Should I create a new account for each client or can I buy multiple licences within one account. Or do I only need to buy WPML once and use it for all our clients?

    Best regards,


  6. Henry Jansen says:

    Dear sirs,

    At this moment we have WPML running on http://www.deonet.com.
    That site is at this moment NOT a Multi Site.

    We are investigating if a Multi Site better suits our requirements.
    We like to do a test a WordPress Multi Site in combination with WPML.

    And we want to do that test on a local installation of a WordPress Multi Site (on XAMPP), in combination with WPML.

    The Multi Site is up and running on the local machine using XAMPP but now we need a Site Key in order to get WPML running on the local (test) installation.

    Question: where can we find a Site Key for this purpose?

    Many thanks for your quick reply.

    Henry Jansen

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hello Henry,

      if you have a WPML account but you forgot the password, please use this link:

      You can also check if your WPML-based website have been registered:
      1. In your WP admin go to Plugins->Add new
      2. Choose the Commercial tab

    • Henry Jansen says:

      Hi Agnes,

      Our website was build by an external company. The guy from this company told us that it is not possible to generate a key for a local installation (using XAMPP).
      On the other hand, he also told us that we simply could install WPML without a key just for a test.
      And if we do so then we don’t receive updates.

      Well, updates for this test (just to test the combination Multisite/WPML) are not needed.

      So for now, we are happy.
      We could continue install WPML local for test purposes and it all seem to work.

      So our problem with the key is solved !

      Many thanks for your quick reply.


      Henry Jansen

  7. Jacy says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I interest to purchase “Multilingual CMS Lifetime”.
    But I have question about “Website”, can I use at different domain name?


    • Amir says:

      Yes, certainly. You can use WPML on all your sites and on sites that you build for your clients. This includes any domain that you choose.

  8. Andy says:

    Does the Multilingual CMS Lifetime include acces to the several addons which are needed for WooCommerce multilingual? Are there any extra charges for the addons?
    Many thanks

    • Amir says:

      The Multilingual CMS includes all of WPML’s components (with everything you need for multilingual WooCommerce sites). You can buy it in two ‘variants’. A yearly account that costs $79 and you can renew annually for $39. Or, a Lifetime account that costs $195 and requires no renewal.

  9. petya says:

    I have one pre-purchase question.
    if i buy Multilingual CMS, is it necessary to renewal every year. if i don’t renewal my translate will be lost or just i dont have support and updates ?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      hi, the plugins you installed will continue working, you lose access to our technical help and future releases. Renewal is optional. You can also upgrade to the Lifetime version for the difference in purchase price.

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