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  1. I am considering WPML, but still have a few questions to ask.
    First, the 30-day money-back policy is no limitation, right?
    Second, can I translate every sentence or string of pages manually? (Automatical translation not 100% correct)
    Thirst, can I translate a form which is embedded. (I am not using contact form 7 plugin, just an embedded form)

    • Hello, your previous question was awaiting moderation. I have just replied.
      Yes, you can request a refund and we will give your money back. The only condition is, it needs to be done within 30 days.

  2. Good afternoon,

    I’m considering to purchase wpml but I have a few questions.
    The website I’m building is using WPBakery as a composer, how is the integration with it?
    Portfolio: is it possible, using wpml, to select into the portfolio section items that should be displayed just in certain translated pages?

    Practical example: I have the main portfolio website, all the works are listed in the same directory. I would like to create 4 different versions of the website for 4 different countries but I don’t want to showcase the same works in all the websites but, depending on the project, display them or hide them depending on the country. Don’t know if it’s clear enough.

    thank you in advance for your reply.
    have a nice day.

    • Hello,
      yes, we are compatible with WPBakery. Yes, you can translate your portfolio items and display them depending on the country. If you don’t want an item to appear in lang X, you simply don’t translate it to that language. You can also create your portfolio item in non-primary language without its equivalent in your primary language.

      • The problem is solved. Tha transaction is now as declined on my statement. I still don’t know why but I can re-order now.

        Thank you

        • Hello, please try to reorder but if you have issues, please let us know (your email is already linked to your previous account and we might need to delete your previous account).

  3. Hi, I just bought the Multilingual Blog. It has been deducted from my Credit card but I have been returned to you with the error that something goes wrong and I should try another payment?

    What Can I do now?

    • Hello,
      let me ask our account manager to check if we charged you. I’ll keep you posted or my colleague Irina will email you directly.

    • Hello,
      WPML doesn’t do the translation on the fly. You need to translate your posts/pages/… on the backend first and then the search will return the results in the correct language. WPML also provides machine translations, you can use those as well, but your need to apply them on your backend first.

  4. Mercedes, I cannot find my previous comment in order to reply to it accordingly, please let´s find another way to receive the access so we can download our licensed plugin as I havenot received it, even in my spam folder. I waited until today to see if it was received. I guess our server is not blocking your @wpml.org messages since I got your reply to my initial comment.

    I have another email address which I used to pay through paypal: millosstella@hotmail.com or you can also use this other corporate email: comunicaciones@tobiasemanuel.org

    This is the number of my previous comment: #3294541

    “Hello Stella, I have fixed the address and sent a password reset link. Please make sure to check your spam folder and that your e-mail provider or server is not blocking our emails. Waiting for your confirmation.”

    • Hello Stella,
      if resending passwords doesn’t work, I’m not sure what else we can do to help you. Let me check with our admin for some suggestions. We will keep you posted or Mercedes will contact you directly.

    • Hello Stella, our admin just reset the password on your account. Could you please check your email once again? If you didn’t get it we will reset it manually and send it to you via a regular email.


  5. We are a state government vendor who has been asked by a state agency to facilitate a WPML renewal. Under our state bid law, the state agency cannot buy directly and must go through a current vendor. Is there a way for us to provide a one time payment authorization (on credit card or via paypal) to facilitate this govt agency purchase?

    • Hello,
      When you buy from us and provide your credit card, we establish a yearly subscription. You can cancel it anytime. If you cancel it after the purchase and before one year, then we won’t charge you never again so from this perspective it will be a one-time payment. That’s the only option we provide.

  6. Hi, we are operating a website build with Elementor but its not the Elementor Pro Version, can we still buy and use WMPL properly with not the pro version on the page builder. Thank you in advance.

  7. Hi!

    I hope you are all well 🙂

    I’m just starting as a web designer and I have a few questions regarding license transfers.

    I’ve seen the video about your transfering scheme, which is really cool.

    I understand the transfer must be done shortly before the expiry date of the license or as soon as I need to “release” one site so I can use the license elsewhere?

    I think I’m confused about how the length of a license is measured individually, I’m not sure when is the right moment to transfer it.

    I’m picturing myself needing the license for my 4th site and having to decide whether I upgrade to the Agency plan or I can release one site to take another.

    Because I still don’t know if I’ll be successful I’m not too sure what’s the best/right thing to do.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Kindest regards,


    • Hello Eva, I think that the site “slot” should be released/available as soon as you transfer your site but let me double-check with the developer who implemented this whole transferring thing. I’ll keep you posted. You might get my reply tomorrow because I’m not sure if the dev is still online.

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