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33,690 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi there,

    Does WPML integrate with REST API? How are translations stored in the database? I’d love to integrate WPML into a headless WordPress website and am curious as to how I would access translated content & fields. Thanks for your help.

    • Hello, We don’t have any option for bank transfers but you can use your credit card. On the “checkout” page you will see a link entitled “Use a different payment processor” (at the bottom of the page, under the orange button). Please click on it.

  2. Thank you, $20.00 per million characters is significantly less expensive than your “credit system” and anyone who has a website “larger” than 90,000 credits is at a significant loss for using your plugin. Looking for an update in the future,

  3. hello I would like to disable our billing but the administrator on the account is no longer with the organization. Looks like my user account does not have adequate permissions. Can you please help

    • Hello, I would need to know the email of the person who registered WPML. If you don’t know the email, please share your site.

  4. Hello,

    Do I pay 99 euro one time when I want to implement tool for 2 websites or I need to pay 99 euro every year?

    I see that suport is for one year but I cant find clear information if payment is single time or yearly.


    • Hello,
      you pay 99 euro for the first year. If you decide to continue your subscription for the next year, you will pay 75% of this initial price for the second year. Updates are not mandatory and WPML will still work on your site even if you cancel your subscription but we cannot anticipate what will happen if you update WordPress and won’t update WPML.

  5. Hello,
    Could you please confirm that if we purchase your Multilingual Agency package, it covers unlimited number of sites, unlimited number of languages and provides WooCommerce support (translation of web stores)?
    Furthermore, if we (for some reason) stop providing services to a client, can they still use the existing WPML translations by purchasing their own Multilingual CMS package? Does that package also provide multiple languages and WooCommerce support?

  6. Hello,

    I just asked my web developer (no 3rd parties) and he recommended your $99 package. My concern is: a) is the setup complicated? b) is the translation process complex? I can easily build websites ut without too much code, but I am concerned to get stuck too long before I get help from your support. Please advice!

    • Hello,
      Can I see your site and have the following information:
      – what page builders do you use?
      – how many plugins does your site use? Can you please list the major ones?
      – what is your theme?
      – do you want to translate your site automatically?
      – to how many languages?
      It will help me provide a better answer. Thank you.

  7. Agnes, since this is a public forum, I do not want to divulge any specific information. Is there an email address where I can contact you?

  8. Hello WPML-team,

    I’m looking into buying WPML, a few presales questions:

    1. We have a Dutch domain ( and want to translate this site to English ( and German ( Is this possible?
    2. Is it possible to change external links in translated content? For example in the original Dutch content the links is, and I want to change this in the English version to
    3. How do you handle the translation of shortcodes? Is the shortcode output translated automatically? And can the shortcode be changed in a different language?


    • Hello,
      1. You cannot mix domains with subfolders. So it’s either different domains or subfolders, never both.
      2. Yes, it is. But you need to use the search box in our translation editor because links are not shown by default not to clutter the editor.
      3. For such cases you would need to switch to the native WordPress editor to translate your page (only the page that uses the shortcode) and it means you need to manually translate this page or have it translated automatically at first and then switch to the WP editor to provide a diffrent shortcode for your translation. But now shortcodes are rarly used because they have been replaced with blocks and WPML can translate blocks (Gutneberg blocks).

  9. Hello,

    Can I use my main subdomain site ( to subdomain language switcher (
    What will it look like – ( or (

    I am looking for setting my main subdomain site to subdomain language switcher.
    Does WPML support this feature?

  10. 1. What page builders do you use? Drag-and-drop

    2. How many plugins does your site use? Can you please list the major ones? Contact form 7, EWWWImage optimiser, Updraftplus, WPForms, lite
lisped cache, Jetpack

    3. What is your theme? Themify

    4. Do you want to translate your site automatically? Yes

    5. How many languages? 1-Swedish

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