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  1. Good morning,
    I would like to update WPML to the latest version. I currently have the following plugins installed:
    WPML CMS Nav v 1.4
    WPML Media v 2.1.1
    WPML Multilingual CMS 3.0.1
    WPML String Translation 2.0.1
    WPML Translation Management 1.9.1

    Will the update be successful after purchasing the Multilingual CMS plugin? In the event of problems, can I count on support or a refund of purchase costs?
    Wordpress version 5.3.2


    • Hello Adam
      yes, the Multilingual CMS package includes all the plugins you have mentioned.
      Yes, you can count on our help in case something doesn’t work as expected. If needed you can also share credentials to your site (we have special hidden fields for these) and our supporters can log into your site and check it. Yes, we have 30-day refund: https://wpml.org/purchase/refunds-policy/

  2. Hello,
    I ordered a payment yesterday to purchase your package WPML Multilingual CMS. But it still looks pending. Order no 5562025. Have a nice day

    • Hello, in our system we can see your order is still in the pending status. Let me check with our payments administrator to see if your payment has been deposited on our account. If it was not, you will need to start again. Please wait for my update.

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