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  1. John Pindar says:


    WPML has been recommended to me, as we are looking to translate content from the webro.com domain to our French site. http://www.webrofrance.fr/

    We would like to translate most of what is on the UK site for use on the French site, minus a few products which we don’t sell in France. There will also be a few products that we do sell that will appear on the French site but not the UK one.

    Would WPML be suitable for this use, considering we will be using 2 separate domains? If so, which version would be best?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Hi,

    What are my best options for Betheme, Muffin Builder? What’s the best option that allows me to translate between 2 languages? I’m a one man band!

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Carl, the Betheme theme was tested by our Compatibility Team so it is compatible with WPML. If you want to translate more than just pages and posts, you will need at least the Multilingual CMS subscription. You can upgrade to the Lifetime one later, if needed and you will pay the difference in cost.

  3. roma says:

    I have several plugins bought from YITH, I need to add hebrew language to my site which is RTL. Will I be able to localize these plugins to hebrew with WPML?

  4. raffael says:

    Hello guys…

    WPML is recommended on various sites of the internet. I am not sure which version is the right one for me, therefore I decided to ask here first.

    what i wanna do:

    -add a flag symbol which is visible on each page…
    -once the flag is clicked and the language is changed, the whole page will be displayed in that language, and once I switch between subpages, the language stays that way

    so i don’t want my users to have to click on the flag symbol and change the language on every single site… do you understand?

    also: is it possible to change the menu too, once language got changed? Will this plugin work with my BeTheme?

    thanks for your reply

    • Agnes Bury says:

      yes, this is how sites translated with WPML work – you change the language once and then when you go through different pages they appear in that language.

      and yes, you can also have different menus for different languages, some items can be the same, some may vary

      yes, WPML is compatible with the BeTheme theme, it was tested by our compatibility team.

  5. Ioannis says:


    I am developing a buddypress website and I would like to allow buddypress members to add data in their profile in one more language.

    1) Is that possible with buddypress multilingual or only the labels of x profile fields can be translated by admin?

    2) If yes, can I choose which data Buddypress members can translate? It is a directory of professionals and I would like for example at the field “price”, members not to add different price in one language than the other.

    Thank you,

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi, yes, WPML is compatible with the buddypress and to make the translation process easier for you we have developed a dedicated extension:

      Please follow this tutorial for more on how to set and translate the BuddyPress features – http://wpml.org/documentation/related-projects/buddypress-multilingual/

      to answer your question: 1 – yes, 2 – probably not possible, but I need to check it with the developer.

      • Ioannis says:

        Hi Agnes,

        Thank you so much for your immediate response!!

        1)I have already read the documentation for Buddypress multilingual but I still have some questions. It says that admin can translate strings and users can switch between 2 languages but it does not clarify if the members can edit their data in both languages. Are you sure they can do that at the frontend?

        2) I use Buddyblog plugin (by Brajesh Singh) along with buddypress in my website that allows users to add posts from the frontend. After the installation of WPML and Buddypress Multilingual will they be able to add posts in both languages from the frontend or only admin can do that backend?

        Thank you,

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