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    • Hello,
      you can open each of your translated pages in the WPML translation editor and make edits to translations (you do it from within the normal all Pages screens in your WordPress by opening the translated pages for editing).

      Also, if you select in your WPML settings one of these options:
      1) Review the translations before publishing
      2) Publish translations and review them later
      you can go to your Translation Queue and you can click on the Review button. It works like this:
      at first, it shows you the front-end preview of the page and you can quickly scan the pages to see of there is anything that requires editing. If so, you open the translated page for editing in the WPML editor and you make edits where needed.
      This page explains the process:

      Is this a lengthy process?

      Modern translation engines (DeepL or Google Translate which are used by WPML) provide a very good quality of automatic translation these days. 90% of your site’s content is fine and doesn’t require any updates. Some of our clients don’t make any edits at all, some think that some pages require someone who speaks the language to do the review.

      You can check the DeepL translator in its online tool: WPML uses the same engine. Please note that the longer text you provide, the better your translation becomes because the Artificial Intelligence used behind the screens and the sophisticated translation algorithms can better understand the context of your text.

  1. Hello

    I am planning to buy this plugin but can’t find spanish for Mexico.

    Can you please tell me how can i integrate in mexican spanish langauge?

    I have my own translated content.

    Waiting for your reply as soon as possible.


    • Hello,
      you won’t find Spanish for Mexico in the default list of WPML languages. You can use the “general” Spanish (and disable the flag of Spain from your language switcher) or you can add Spanish for Mexico with your own custom flag as the so-called custom language. If you are not interested in automatic translation please select “Translate some” instead of “Translate Everything” in your WPML wizard. Then, you can decide if you want to use the WPML’s translation editor (where you will see two columns) or you want to use the standard WordPress editor for your translation. If you want to use the WordPress editor, you will need to disable the WPML’s editor. To do so, please open a page for editing and disable the WPML’s editor on the right-hand sidebar.

  2. Hello

    I am wondering about the permalink structure for a multisite installation with WPML. The website in question, to be translated, has subdirectories as a structure.

    We are looking for the following link structure:

    Is this possible with WPML?

    The following link structure is not desirable:

    Best regards

  3. Hi,

    since I can’t reply directly to your answer, can you send me an email for further explanations with support about how WPML can fix my issue with translation?


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