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  1. hello
    i want to sell predefined questions to my customer , so once they make the payment an ticket opened directly and he can then get support regarding the question he buy , is there any extension or plugin that
    can help me to achieve that pleas ?

    • Hello,
      I cannot answer your question – I don’t know if there are such plugins out there in the WordPress market. You would need to find a plugin for your needs by your own and then I can tell you if this plugin is compatible with WPML.

  2. Shall I set the default Language to traditional Chinese in A webpage? And, set the default Language to English in B page?

  3. Hi,

    To use WPML Redirect Based on IP Country plugin, “Multilingual Blog – $29” is supportable or should we need to buy “Multilingual CMS”?

    And also we wanted to auto detect the currency with language. Is it possible with WPML?

    • I don’t know how the plugin works. Please check this plugin documentation what are the requirements. If you see more than one WPML plugin listed, it means that you need the Multilingual CMS version. But you can buy the Blog version and if it turns out that it’s not enough, you and upgrade to the Multilingual CMS for the difference in purchase price, no problem at all.

      WPML doesn’t detects the currency based on the country but if you have a multilingual (WooCommerce) store configured with WPML plugins, you can assign a different currency for each language.

  4. Hello,
    I have a question and I wondered if you can help :).

    At my theme there is a button which is personalized in Customize section: http://prntscr.com/is1adc
    Now text is the same at every language.

    Will it be possible to change the text for different languages if I choose 79$ version?

    Best regards,

  5. If I purchase the Blog edition and later decide I need the CMS, do I pay the difference between the license types or do I need to purchase both types of license in full ?


  6. Hi

    I just bought the plugin and now use with the testing sub-domain before launching on main domain.

    So the site key I am using now is for sub-domain. When I transfer the site to main domain, do I have to change the site key for main domain? And by changing the site key, will all the translation and setting be gone? Do I need to translate and setting everything all over again?

    • The site key is only used to give you automatic updates of the plugin.
      You can add and remove keys as much as you want and the site will still work fine.

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