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27,333 Responses to “Pre-sales Questions”

  1. Hi,

    Could you please advise what would happen if I was to purchase the $79 CMS version and then say in a few months I have more than 3 sites – is it possible to pay the difference and upgrade to the $159 agency version without paying again?



  2. Hi,
    I just wanted to know if there is an integrated function that let the site automaticaly redirect people opening the site to the dedicated localization via ip.


    • Hello,
      no, there is no redirection based on IP but you can turn on redirection based on the user language set as the default language in their browser.

  3. For the CMS version I have 2 questions:
    1. can I ommit pages from translation and ommit those pages from the menu?
    2. is an user with editor role able to translate?

    Thank you,

  4. We have a number of websites we might like to use WPML Multilingual CMS on but we have tried free trials of other plugins and they have not done everything we need. Is there any way to get a short free trial of Multilingual CMS to test it out before spending?

    • Hey! if PayPal does not work for you please try with yuor credit/debit card by selecting alternative payment method at checkout

  5. Dear sirs,
    I ask you for the information I have made an online shop in woocommerce in 3 languages and used Loco translate but not good. So can I migrate the language from Loco to WPML ? and How ?
    Thank you very much for the information
    B. regards

  6. Hi there

    I was wondering what “Websites you can register” exactly means? I plan do set up the site so different languages / regions are mapped to different ccTLD. Would that be considered one Website?


    • It means, on how many separate WordPress installations you can use WPML. Many people buy WPML for their clients and some have many clients so they need to register WPMLon many websites.

  7. Hello, I’ve just made a subscription. I’m trying to edit the Personal Details in order the Invoice have my client’s name and although I’ve added Vat number etc. I can’t change the name. What should I do, please? Thank you, Apostolos.

  8. Hi there,

    Before i purchase. Some pages needs to have different copy depending on the translation, is it possible for me to have different text based on translation?

    • Hello Remco,
      there is a very good chance that it will work with WPML. I can see WPML mentions in their log and they declare WPML compatibility.

  9. Hi there,

    We’re writing help docs for our users in the USA and Australia and there are some differences in terms. Can you translate between British and American English?

    Do these changes apply to Titles?

    How about URLs?

    Is there a URL parameter of sorts to direct users accessing articles from a country to automatically display it in the target language?

    • Hello Patrick,
      if you are asking about machine translations, there’s only ‘one English’ (just English), please check here:

      This is the list of supported languages coming from the popular translation services we are integrated with.

      But if you plan to provide your own translations, you can set up WPML to make your site available both in British and American English. I hope that helps.

  10. Hello.

    I’m currently building a site for my client and I wanted to know if there’s a Trial version for WPML. The client doesn’t want to spend money just to try out the plugin and ask for a refund if something doesn’t fill his needs.
    Is there a possible way to try out the plugin on our localhost beforehand?

    • Hello Henry, I’m sorry but it’s not possible to test WPML the way you would expect. I can provide some options for what you could do but I don’t know if that would help you. If you are interested in testing WPML in general, as a plugin/interface for making your site multilingual, you can try this demo: (when you click Create test site, make sure you select “The site will be multilingual” on the next screen). Please note that this demo is a demo of Toolset plugin but we are using WPML on the site as well. But if you are interested in machine translations, here’s the list of supported languages and translation services: As you can see we are using Google and DeepL so you can check the quality of their translation on the internet since these are popular services. I hope it helps.

  11. I would like to buy this plugin for avada theme, my purpose is add translate icon on the right of search icon on main menu.

    Besides, i don’t want to renew after one year from purchase.

    Please guide me.


    • Hello,

      I found a theme with the languages switcher next to the search icon but on the other side:

      If you want to can check our showcase:

      these are the sites using WPML and Avada.

      In the meantime, I will check with our compatibility team if they have any Avada demo set up with WPML to check the options for the language switcher.

      If you don’t want to renew after the first year, please go to your WPML account and simply cancel renewals. You can use our plugins without an active subscription but you won’t have access to our support forum and new updates after the first year.

    • My colleague from the compatibility team confirms that what you are asking about should be easy using Avada’s layout builder.

  12. Hello,

    I would like to ask You, if You offer some Black Friday discounts (like some other multilingual plugins).


  13. Hi

    I just want to know how Yoast works with WPML? If I have two languages – will there be a possibility to add meta description, title, alt text for images etc. in both languages? How will the interface look?
    We use TranslatePress today and it´s very limited in the possibility to do these things and there is a strange admin.


  14. Hola !
    Tengo un problema con una factura, en mi tarjeta tengo un cargo de $59.00USA a nombre de WPML el día 23 oct 2020, pero en mi cuenta de WPML – historial de pagos y facturas, solo tengo una factura de $79.00USA, no me cuadran las cantidades, me pueden ayudar con esta factura de $59.00USA del día 23 oct 2020 por favor

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