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  1. Mike says:

    Hi, I’m interested in purchasing wpml for my content submitting site. On the website, users submit articles in two different languages. Some in Language A and some in Language B. The websites static content (menus, pages, etc) is in English. Website is currently a single wordpress installation with no subdomains.

    Will I be able to do the following by purchasing WPML?:

    1. Translate all static content to Language A and Language B and let users decide what language to display?

    2. Display a completely different menu for different languages?

    3. If Language A i selected as the display language, all post articles written in Language B will be hidden? Same for some selected menu items.

    4. If Language B i selected as the display language, all post articles written in Language A will be hidden? Same for some selected menu items.

    5. The possibility for the user to display both Language A and Language B posts in case the user understand both languages.

    6. Do the same with a total of 4 languages.


    • Andrés says:

      Hello Mike,

      I’ll try to answer your questions in the same order:

      1. Yes, you’ll be able to translate your static content and display a language switcher where the users can select the desire language.

      2. Yes, you can translate your menu.

      3. WPML shows your posts depending on the language. If you select language A, you will only see A posts.
      About your menu, it will show your A menu.

      4. It applies for all your languages.

      5. This is not possible with WPML, it needs custom work in order to achieve that behaviour.

      6. The same as 5, you should add custom work in order to achieve this functionality.


      • Ivan C says:

        Hi, I am a current user of Toolset and considering adding WPML also. Regarding #5 (displaying more than one language for a multilingual person and your response that custom work is required), does the custom work involve some form of hooks and/or filters? Is it a substantial amount of work or a small set of functions?

  2. Ole Andreas says:


    I am wondering if I want to go for WPML or not.

    As I have understood it is easy to add translate switcher/button, translate menu, posts and pages. Is that correct?

    However, can my static/hard coded page be translated? I have made a demo for a customer and it contains pictures. I am able to translate images in Photoshop/InDesign, but is it a way to make the images switch when language is switched? If english, show english image, and so on. I also have a lot of hard coded texts which should be translated.

    Looking forward to hear from you,

    • Andrés says:

      You can easily add a language switcher or translate your posts, pages or your menu.

      If you want to translate your hard coded page, you need to be sure you have used the GetText function, not only for WPML but for any translation use. If you have done so, with the help of WPML String Translation you should be able to translate those strings.

      Finally, you could use WPML Media Translation for translating your images, but as every page/post is created as separate database entry, you should be able to set different images for different contents.

  3. Ben says:

    Irish VAT, I am an Irish company with a VAT number, do I get charged this and have to claim it back?

  4. Hi.

    I have two parts to my website

    The UK only store > http://www.heartratemonitor.co.uk/store/

    The GLOBAL reviews > http://www.heartratemonitor.co.uk/all-brands/

    What I’d like to be able to do is offer the REVIEWS in various languages, but NOT the STORE, that would remain UK only. Also, the HOMEPAGE, I’d like to have that in several languages.

    Is this possible?

    For all pages except /store/* pages I’d like to offer a language option. For /store/* pages, I do NOT wish to add the multi-language option.

    Thank you in advance. It looks like a great plugin


    • Andrés says:

      Hello Tristan,

      From what I understand, you want to translate your regular content but not your WooCommerce store. If I am correct, I think it should be possible, however you may need some additional custom work, I’m not 100% sure about it, it would depend on your personal configuration.

      You can test if WPML suits your needs or you can make use of our Refunds policy during the first 30 days of your buy here:

  5. Diego says:


    I have just purchased the extension Google Product Feed from the woocommerce repository. Now I am in process to translate our website into some other languages and currencies and I wonder if the WPML plugin is compatible with the Google Feed in order to create a different feed from each language/currency.

    I got in contact with the support of the extension and told me this:

    ” I have spoken with the developer of the Google Feeds Extension, and out-of-the-box it doesn’t offer any features for generating multiple feeds for different languages or currencies.

    However, he also said that it does use standard functions for retrieving things like price and currency – so if a plugin (like WPML) overrides them then the changes should be picked up for the Feeds as well. ”

    The quetion is, should be possible for WPML override this standart functions?

    Looking forward to hear from you.



  6. Alex says:

    Hi WPML,

    I has a question that want to know about WPML plugin. If let said I plan to create a blogging website which allow two language which is English and mandarin. How can I appear both language show in single post or article?

    Thank You

    • Andrés says:

      Hello Alex,

      There is not a straight way to get this with the basic functions of WPML and it requires some custom work. However we could be of better help if you make use of our forum.

      • Alex says:

        Hi Andres,

        If like that, do you have any suggestion to make the reader or visitor can catch up the way to change the language in my website?

        Any different between wpml blog and wpml cms?

        Thank You

        • Andrés says:

          This is an ergonomics matter, you should add your language switcher in a visible place. You also could add a WPML feature that adds a text with a link for the translations of your articles.

          About WPML Blog and CMS, the first one will allow you to translate only your regular WordPress content. But if you use a theme with custom fields for example, you need the second choice.

  7. Hi,

    we are interested to buy your “Multilingual CMS” license for 79$. We would ask you clarification about your “Account renewal per year”, is this to pay always or only to continue for using “Free Updates” and “Support”. Does our license expiring after one year and we could not use it anymore?
    For what is in detail “Account renewal per year”?


    • Andrés says:

      Hello Michael,

      Once your annual account has expired, your WPML will still be useful and it will continue working on your site. However, you won’t have access to updates or support anymore. If you need those services, you’ll need to renew your licence.

    • marioO-6 says:

      Okay, but can we install the last version for our license we have, also to new sites we create in feature, or not?

      • Andrés says:

        Yes, once you have the files of our package you can use it as you need, but you won’t able to register, update or use our forum.

  8. yukitoro says:

    i have already done my site with betheme and i want to buy your wpml to enable choosing language but after install it, will i have to create pages, posts….everything from scratch?

  9. Steve Bailey says:

    Will this work with the popular Divi theme by Elegant Themes?

  10. eli says:

    I purchased WPML plugin this morning and have not recieved any conformation or acknowledgement from you. I only have paypal conformation. How long does this take??

  11. Dennis says:


    It says unlimited websites. When you buy a lifetime Multilingual
    CMS Lifetime package can i use this on multiple sites with different database ? Or is it for one wordpress installation.

    Look forward hearing from you.


    • Andrés says:

      Hello Dennis,

      You are able to use WPML CMS Lifetime package in all your different WordPress installations.

  12. Yvonne W says:

    Hi, I only would like to use wpml for blog posts, not for pages. Can I have the language switcher only implement on recipe custom posts (I use WP ultimaet recipe plugin). Or is the language switcher displayed on all pages and posts when turned on?

    THanks! Yvonne

    • Amir says:

      You can choose to have some content types translatable. This will make only them offer different languages. However, you need to consider what happens with the content that’s not translated. Would you like it to appear on the site’s menu? If so, when visitors click on a page in the site’s default language, they will switch to that language. Is this the functionality that you want to have?

  13. Kashif says:

    Last year we developed a physical marketplace website using EDD, EDD Marketplace Bundle, Simple Shipping plugin and Marketify theme. Initially we started our operation in Poland, but this is now a successful venture and we are planning to expand it to whole Europe.

    The front-end of the current site is in Poliski with back-end is mix of English & Poliski. In order to operate in the Europe, we need the front-end in both English and Poliski languages. Further We would need to send purchase and vendor notifications in English if the user chooses the English version. It would be best if users could toggle the language same as on the http://lekki.fr website, which was developed using WooCommerce and WPML.

    The current translation was done using mostly with po/mo files and Say What plugin. However, Poliski was used in all the custom code where text need to be output. Please note that our primary language will be Poliski.

    Would all that seem doable with WPML?

    • Amir says:

      WPML has support for everything that you’re describing with WooCommerce. We have basic support for multilingual sites with EDD, but I’m not sure that we have all the features that you’ve listed.

      WPML can handle PHP sources in different languages. You can tell WPML what is the source language for each textdomain, so that WPML will provide translation to the rest of the site’s languages.

      I can connect you with our developer who is maintaining our EDD Multilingual plugin. He can help you determine if what we have now will work for you. Would you like me to do this introduction?

  14. Kaynoba says:

    Hello there,

    We have a woocommorce web site and running on sales activity. So we want to translate site from national language to other foreign languages (included currencies) and see WPML is good solution for that.

    But we have over 10.000 products and so many information on the site. There is no good option manuel one by one translate. We have to translate as bulk with excel or something like that.

    I search information in WPML to translate as bulk but I couldn’t found easy option for that. Could you explain me; can we do that %100 with easyly? How? also include currencies?

    If WPML is support us, we will buy that. But we have to understand %100 to this software fit for us…

    Best Regards,

    • Amir says:

      The translation interface in WPML will help you translate these products quickly. You would be able to use WPML’s Translation Dashboard and send (in bulk) products to translation. I don’t recommend using Excel for that. Using WPML, you can use the built-in translation editor, which is highly optimized for this task. You can also export the products as XLIFF, to translate using desktop translation software.

      This page gives an overview of the translation options with WPML:

      Does this help?

      • Kaynoba says:

        Hello Amir,


        1. I will install WPML plugins in the web site
        2. Export all content (posts, pages, products, taxonomies, categories and all others) with WPML as XLIFF file for offline edting.
        3. I will download CAT tool from WPML web site
        4. I will edit XLIFF file with CAT tool from national language to foreign language.
        5. When edit operation is done, I will upload edited XLIFF file to web site again and new translated content (posts, pages, products, taxonomies, categories and all others) show in website.

        Is that correct?

  15. Hi,
    I would like to buy WPML but I am hesitant that for my web site (umitgunes.net) all contents will be multi language or not?

  16. Piotr says:


    I have two questions:
    1. Does WPML goes well with Visual Composer?
    2. Can i lock some content? I got some pages only for one country and i don’t want to show it to the other countries/languages. Is it possible?

  17. Nick says:

    Hi, I know it says you can add other languages, but it gives examples of languages which use the Latin alphabet.Would I be able to add Georgian?


    • Andrés says:

      Hello Nick,

      Although I’m not familiar with Georgian, as far as I know, there shouldn’t be any issue adding it as a language under these conditions.

  18. brendan says:

    I am thinking of purchasing this.
    Can you please let me know if this plugin automatically localises the currency of products on our commerce wordpress website depending on where the customer IP is located.

  19. Hi!

    I am rebuilding our site from top to bottom and am looking at using WPML. The new site will be on a development temp URL and I’m wondering what happens to my license once we move to the actual domain. Is it a simple transfer process? Don’t want to lose a ton of work in the process.


    • Andrés says:

      Hello Francois,
      When your site is ready, you only need to create a new key with the actual URL, unregister and register WPML with it, and that’s it!

  20. Hi,
    Is WPML is compatible with this theme %100: https://themeforest.net/item/pulse-academic-personal-vcard-wordpress-theme/13472101
    If so, I will buy it.

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