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  1. I am considering WPML for use on a website that will include a Redis object cache. I noticed in the support forums that some users have experienced issues using WPML in conjunction with a Redis cache. Have those issues been addressed or is that still a concern I should take into account?

  2. Hi Team

    I am setting up a mutli-lang woo-commerce site, would like to know what default woo-commerce visitor side fields, buttons etc it translates. ie Buy buttons, text fields, descriptions etc.

    I am looking for a simple solution, I have 300+ products across multiple categories, some will naturally have to be Custom Taxonomies with custom fields etc and if required linked with Woo via php for WP console and or visitor display. What I need to know and I am trying to establish is where your plugin would need me to start coding manually, as 300+ items changing 2-3 times a year could quickly become a a head ache with 3-4 languages…

    I am planning on setting up custom page.php for specific products in specific custom categories ie pump 1 might have 9 custom fields, yet pump 2 might only have 2 custom fields etc.

    Plus I am looking to have different pricing per currency & terms and conditions etc. so only want to do certain tasks once..

    Question: Whilst I understand the custom element will be my responsibility, I need to know what fields your WMPL translates out of the box for Woo-Commerce and if any Woo-Plugins…

    Reason: This way I can build out of the box woo, whilst custom scripting the remaining content, without going overboard with custom.child.functions.php and hooks all over the place, per custom.details.page.php etc…

    I trust this makes sense…

    If you can point me to support info, developer info I can read through and hopefully answer question, ahead of purchase

    • Hello Karl,
      Translations for texts coming from the WooCommerce plugin will work as long as the plugin provides the translation in po/mo files, you can also use WPML to translate those.
      WPML doesn’t translate anything automatically but you can also use our ATE editor which provides machine translation and allow you to use the bulk feature to translate many products in one go.
      Let me consult the rest with our WooCommerce/WPML developer.

  3. Dear WPML

    We would like to use your tools for our website but we using WordPress 3.9.1 on PHP 5.4 and for various reasons we cannot update our website to comply with the minimum requirements indicated (WordPress 4.4 on PHP 5.6)
    Could you provide us, the references, to the latest versions available on your website compatible with WordPress 3.9.1 and PHP 5.4?

    kind regards
    Francesco Baccaro

  4. Hi,

    Is it possible to upgrade a WPML license from the CMS to Agency level? We’re looking at testing the plugin on a single demo system before rolling out to a suite of sites.

    Also, does WPML support a multisite setup?

    Many thanks,


  5. Hello,

    I am planning to purchase WPML and I’ll need to install it on a development environment, then a staging environment before going to production. How does it work with licences? If I buy the CMS $79 version for 3 sites, will I have to activate the plugin in the dev and staging environment which will allow me to use the plugin on only 1 production site? In other words, after installing the plugin on a dev and staging environment (2 installs), will I still be able to install the plugin on 3 production sites?


    • Hello Martin,
      You are welcome to install WPML on the development and staging sites first and then delete the urls and register the production sites. You can delete and add urls as many times as you need it as long as the subscription is active.

      Let me know of any other questions.

      Kind regards,

  6. Hi there!

    We’re looking to add French support to our English-only website. The website was built using primarily Custom Post Types and Custom Fields creator – WCK. Is WPML compatible with it?

    Thank you!

    • Hello Yulia,
      this plugin hasn’t been checked by our Compatibility Team so we don’t know how it will work with WPML. WPML works fine with custom post types and custom fields as long as they follow WordPress standards so it should work fine but I cannot say for sure. Luckily our refund policy allows you to test WPML for 30 days without any risk. In case you are not completely satisfied, please fill out this form: https://wpml.org/purchase/refunds-policy/

  7. Hello, before buying I would like to know if it is possible to import the translation I already have on my site (translatepress plugin). I can’t find anything about this topic.

    • Hello,
      not, you cannot. We provide migration plugins for similar plugins but not this one. I’m sorry. You will need to migrate your posts manually.

  8. Hello,

    Please advise what WPML package should I buy if I would like to translate my footer area to various languages?

    Is Multilingual Blog package enough or more expensive is needed?

    All the best,

  9. Hi,

    I have a wedding photography business website in english that should be translated to portuguese and german. The translations are presented in different domains, but there’s just one installation of WP – on the English version.

    Is this considered a 3 website (therefore Multilingual CMS apply) or the license for the Multilingual Blog would be enough?

    If the Multilingual Blog is enough, is there any reason I should consider buying the Multilingual CMS instead?

  10. Hi, I only want to translate certain, not all pages of my website. Can your plugin be set up so that the second language option shows only on the translated pages and not on the others? Thanks

  11. I would like to purchase the unlimited website licence option. However, do I need to renew my purchase every year? Or is the renewal for support?

  12. Hello, we are planning on buying WPML for our company but we can only approve the initial payment at the moment. We don’t want to be charged the renewal fee every year automatically because that would require approval from our administration department.
    I have two questions:

    – is it possible to buy WPML without automatic renewals?
    – will we be able to use the plugin after the first year if we dont renew the product?


    • Hello,

      is it possible to buy WPML without automatic renewals?

      Yes, of course. In your WPML account, you will see the “Cancel” button. Simply click on it. You can do it anytime. You will get updates and you will be able to get our support help by the end of the period you have paid for even if you cancel is right after your purchase. After that period you can still use WPML plugins but you won’t get new versions and our support help. The first part of this page explains how to cancel your subscription.
      Yes, the plugins will work even if you don’t renew your subscription.

  13. Hi,
    I’m currently developing a WordPress website and created custom plugins to suit my needs without the overload of third-party plugins.
    I’m considering WPML for the translations since it seems the most user friendly solution.
    The only issue is that I wolud like to test it locally prior to purchase due to the fact that I used custom code in several places.
    Is there an option to have a limited time trial?

  14. I have a site registered with WPML but do not have account details as it was built by another developer and I do not have access to their account. The site was rebuilt and so I am unable to access downloads to re-install. Is it possible I can get the 4 plugins needed so I can get them re-installed into the website? As I said, the website URL is registered with yourselves, so the license is up to date.

    Regards, J

    • Hello,
      if the site is registered and the license up to date, you can do it yourself from your site. Simply go to Plugins -> Add new -> Switch to the commercial tab and you will be able to update the plugins. If you need to download them, you can do it via ftp.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        Sorry if I was not clear – I do not have ANY install of WMPL, so I am not able to update them. The only way I can get the initial plugins is via an account, which I do not have access to.

        Is there anything you can do?

        • From our system point of view, the person who brought the plugins from us is the owner of the account and we cannot share access to this account. In this case, you would need to buy WPML. If the WPML plugins are already installed you will need to generate a new key, go to your WP site, remove the old one and replace it with the new. If you don’t have WPML plugins installed anywhere you need to download it from your WPML account, go to WP -> Plugins -> Add new and upload it and configure.

  15. I have the following plugins: –

    But I appear to be missing the core plugin – Can you help?

    • Without the main plugin, you won’t able to update the other plugins. As I explained in my previous reply, only the owner of the WPML account can do it. So, in this case, you would either contact your developer and ask him to do it or buy WPML from us.

  16. Hello to you,

    I am part of a School district in Texas. Can we use a Purchase Order or can we pay with a quote and a check?

    Thank you,

    Fernando Flores
    Aldine ISD

    • Hello Fernando,
      I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly. We provide only two ways to buy WPM: Credit card / PayPal. That’s because WPML is based on the subscription model. Of course, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want and still use WPML plugins.

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