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Pre-sales Questions

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  1. tolga says:


    Do we have to install seperate wordpress in each language folders and manage them over our main language or one word press installation is enough to manage all languages

    thank you

  2. Ben says:

    hello I am in a process of purchasing wpml package, have couple of questions,
    1. does it support all wordpress themes?
    2. also my theme will have slider-banners, when using your package will it have an option for me to show different slider picture depends on the language user uses? i.e. http://smartowl.modeltheme.com/ has a banner slider, possible to have i.e. English one picture in a slider and when using Russian language use a different picture in a slider? thanks,

  3. Erkin says:

    I have installed a free WP-GLOBUS and I am not very happy with that. So, if I purchase WPML, can I integrate pages or do I have to add them again ?

  4. Lamarena says:

    Hi, i want to by this plugin and apply to my avada theme on wordpress, and to have option to be translated on 4 languages: English, French, German, Chinese. Does this plugin has translation for this languages?

    Thank you

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi, WPML is compatible with the Avada theme and supports English, French, German, Chinese but WPML won’t translate your contents automatically.

  5. laze says:

    Do you have option for Chinese language?

  6. atbir says:

    Bonjour, j’ai installé le pulgin qTranslate X sur mon site et je veux le désinstaller pour acheter WPML.
    Quand je désinstalle QTranslate.X, le site bugg.
    Comment je peux installer WPML et désinstaller qTranslate X sans risque?

  7. thomas says:

    I am building an ecommerce website with woocommerce
    now it’s only in english with euro currency
    I want to add danish languange with danish krona currency
    is it possible with this WMPL plugin. Or i need more additional features ?

  8. kamaraR says:




    • Agnes Bury says:

      Please Log into your WPML account, go to Sites and use the “Add new site” to register your site and generate a key for it.

  9. kamaraR says:


  10. Eduardo Medina says:

    Hello, I wanted to upgrade to the lifetime subscribtion and when I am going to do the order I am charged 21% VAT because I am from Spain. That would be correct for the most part of Spain, but I live in the Canary Islands, that belong to Spain but that have a totally different Tax system than the most regions of the country in which I should not be charged any VAT for a purchase like this.

    Please, be so kind to check with your account or sales department that what I tell is right and please tell me how should I proceed to purchase the subscription without this VAT.

    Thanks in advance,
    Best Regards,
    Eduardo Medina

  11. Eduardo Medina says:

    Hello, I would like to upgrade to the lifetime subscription and since I am from Spain, when I try to order the upgrade I am charged with 21% VAT. That would be right for most of Spain, but I live in the Canary Islands, that although belong to Spain, the tax system is totally different to most of the rest of the country and I should not be charged for a purchase like this with any VAT.

    Please, would you be so kind to check that with your sales or account department, and tell me how I should proceed to to the upgrade without the VAT?

    Thanks in advance

    Eduardo Medina

  12. yube says:

    is wpml work perfectly with yoast seo?

    if yes which wpml version i should choose if i only want to create multi language post with multi language seo ??

    Thank you

  13. Marko says:

    Can I upgrade from Multilingual CMS to Multilingual CMS Lifetime?
    Can I use WPML freely for my clients (their sites)?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Can I upgrade from Multilingual CMS to Multilingual CMS Lifetime?

      Yes, and you will pay the difference only. This will be possible 30 days before your Multilingual CMS expires.

      Can I use WPML freely for my clients (their sites)?

      Yes, you can.

  14. Hello
    I am looking for a solution to Google Translate on this web site or another cloned site. The client wishes to have the desired language such as Spanish, load in Spanish without having the visitor click on the translate button.

    So in other words, we wish to have Spanish or any other language AUTO load.

    Please advise as this is terribly important

    Best Regards

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hello Bill,
      WPML doesn’t translate your contents automatically. You provide your translations yourself or you can use one of the professional translation services cooperating with us:

    • Hi Agnes

      That is disappointing to learn. Is it Google that ham strings you in not allowing this or is this something that is not supported in WPML?

      While it might be hard for you to make a recommendation, do you know of any type of tool that can be used to allow for the auto load of a specific language.

      Thanks for your help


      • Agnes Bury says:

        Bill, may I ask what yo want to achieve with machine translation?
        Here you can read more why WPML doesn’t support machine translations:

        I’m sure there are plenty WordPress plugins out there that can help you auto translate your contents such as

        the point is: what are you going to achieve?

        • Hi Agnes

          Our client is going to market their products world wide. They have purchased several domain names. The first one we were asked to replicate was Spanish.

          The next one is Chinese. They want prospective clients/visitors from other countries to automatically see the site in Chinese or whatever is the chosen language. They don’t want visitors coming from countries they are actively marketing to, to have to click on the language. They want it automatically rendered in that language.

  15. Arzu says:

    I’ve just purchased Multilingual CMS 79$ 30 min ago. But cannot log in as I have not received any account info and password verification email..
    Please help
    Thank you so much

  16. josJ says:

    I bought the cms last year and are up to renewal. 50% discount now or lifetime for $116. If I decide to cms again for $39 and lifetime later, what will i pay for the lifetime? In other words, do I save for the lifetime license by buying cms every year, or is this discount only now?

  17. Rudy Dew says:


    I have a question regarding the media management, say I have a site with my main language English at domain.com, and then other languages at fr.domain.com, de.domain.com … etc ..

    If I create a post on the main english site, and upload images, which will go to domain.com/wp-content/uploads… (by default),

    When translating that post, and translating the images attributes, will it create a copy of the image file, or a redirection, from fr.domain.com/wp-content ….

    Or will it insert the image link directly from the main site image folder ?

    Also, will it work without problem if I use a CDN for for my images ?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Rudy,
      when you translate images with WPML you don’t copy the images physically. There will be always only one physical copy of your image file, you just translate all the attributes related such as alternative text, titles, description etc.

    • Rudy Dew says:

      Thank you, if I understood correctly I need the CMS version to be able to translate image ALT / description attributes ?

  18. Dirk says:

    I’m looking to use WPML to make changes to terminology within a theme without hacking the theme. Both the theme and my users are US English. Will this work without the user having to select a language? Will the site be as fast as using the native .mo and .pot files? Is there an advantage to using WPML?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi Dirk,
      the mo and po files let you translate only the strings coming from your theme. If your site is going to be displayed in one langue only, you don’t need WPML but relevant mo files only.

      So if a user comes let’s say from Spain and she wants to see every single string of her site in Spanish (both on the front-end and back-end), she just switched the language in her WP admin to Spanish (WordPress settings) and that’s it. Everything will works fine, supposing all your plugins and the theme have relevant mo files.

      You will need WPML only if you want to display your site’s contents in different languages. For example the entire “About us” page in Spanish.

  19. kevin says:


    I like to use two different domains for english and spanish languages. I have english language site already. When the visitor switches the language in english site, http://domain.com/test-post , I want him to redirect to spanish language site, http://domain.mx/test-post.

    Is that possible without installing another wordpress on .mx domain?


  20. Arezki says:

    I am in china now just for few days.

    I am interested to purchase the WordPress Multilingual Plugin, and I have few questions:
    can this plug in allows the following:

    1) Translate the English newspaper into Arabic and French Languages.
    2) We are using plug ins for prayer time and weather, will they also be translated by this plug in.
    3) We are using search archive using “wp-fullcalendar” plug in, will it be translated into Arabic and French languages.

    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks a lot.

  21. Manzoor says:


    Does WPML loads target language automatically based on Geo Location?

    e.g. Main language is English with additional languages French, German etc. IF any one visits from Germany, does WPML loads the site in German or the user has to switch manually?

    Similarly, how about currency?


    • Agnes Bury says:

      No, no support for Geo Location. However WPML can detect your visitor’s language based on her language settings in her browser. This option is disable by default but you can easily enable it in WPML settings.

      If your site is multilingual you will get a lot of organic traffic from search engines such as Google and your user will jump directly into the page they found (which is of course in their language)

  22. Christian says:

    I have an existing wordpress site and now I want to add multilanguage support.
    How can I add my existing content in WPML?

    • Agnes Bury says:

      Yes, you can. When you will be installing WPML, just set your current site’s language as the site primary language.

  23. Andrei says:

    Hello. I want to ask you if “Multilingual Blog” service it’s good to translate my site in English.

    • Agnes Bury says:

      hard to say because it looks like you are using a custom theme. For sure you will be able to translate the content of your posts and pages but I’m not sure about your custom elements available in your theme only.

      Please note that WPML doesn’t translate automatically.

  24. Dev says:

    Hi there,

    Just a quick pre-sale question: Should i buy the $79 option, then realise i’ll need it for life can I upgrade my subsrciption and pay the difference? Or would I have to pay for the full amount again?


    • Agnes Bury says:

      Hi there,
      yes, you can get started with the $79 option and after the first year upgrade to the “Lifetime” and pay the difference.

  25. silviaT-3 says:


    Actually this is a “post-sale” question but I don’t find any place where I can write it, so I’m triying everywhere.

    My company is in The Canaries and our invoice cannot have IVA. Please, contact us, as soon as possible.

    Thank you in advance.

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