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Overview of the issue

When you use a Raw HTML block from WPBakery Page Builder, you are able to translate its content using WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor. However, the translation isn’t displayed on the front-end.


As a temporary solution, you can use WPML’s Classic Translation Editor instead.

Alternatively, please back up your full website before applying the following workaround:

  1. Open the file /content/plugins/js_composer/include/helpers/helpers.php.
  2. Look for line 1426.
  3. Replace:
    	if ( ! vc_user_access()->part( 'unfiltered_html' )->checkStateAny( true, null )->get() ) {


    	if ( ! vc_user_access()->part( 'unfiltered_html' )->checkStateAny( true, null )->get() && !(defined('REST_REQUEST') && REST_REQUEST )) {

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