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We’re ready with a maintenance release of WPML, which improves stability and compatibility with a number of themes and plugins.

We’re getting ready for the major update in WPML 3.8. In the meanwhile, this update handles a number of edge cases, especially related to different page builders.

Here is the full list of changes:

  • Fixed an issue with Visual Composer’s widget where strings were registered twice
  • Fixed stripped SVG tags from Enfold’s code blocks in manual translation mode
  • In the Translation Editor, prevented inclusion of script tags, by forcing a multiline text field instead of a WYSYWIG field
  • Fixed loss of paragraphs in the Translation Editor when copying WYSIWYG fields
  • Fixed the page builder string not being translated when fetched via XML-RPC
  • Resolved fatal error shown in Types Edit Post page when WPML Core isn’t activated
  • Cleaned up the page builder strings after a translation job is completed
  • Stopped multiple occurrences of the same page builder field in the Translation Editor
  • Fixed the page builder translations fetched via XML-RPC
  • Fixed the shortcode not registering strings with the given context or name
  • Fixed an issue where links pointing to the Home page weren’t adjusted properly in translations
  • Added support for the Login module of Elementor Pro
  • Made the „Read more“ translatable in Elementor’s „Posts“ widget
  • Added Elementor’s image caption and link as translatable fields

Download and update

As always, it’s a good idea to back up your site before updating plugins and the theme. This release doesn’t include any dramatic change, but still it’s nice to be able to go back, in case there’s a problem.

You will receive automatic updates to all the sites that you registered. If you need, you can always download WPML manually from your account.

Coming next

WPML 3.8 is already packed with new features and improvements. Among these improvements is a significant speed boost to both the WordPress admin and front-end. While profiling client sites, we noticed a few places which we can optimize. The results are noticeable immediately.

Besides better speed, we’re also completely updating the look and behaviour of the Theme and plugins localization page. We’re making it cleaner, simpler to use and richer in functionality. Best of all, we’re making it optional to ever visit that page in order to run a fully multilingual site.

I’ll write a lot more about this when we’re ready with a public beta.


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