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This release focuses on further streamlining the internal queries and making them even more efficient. It also fixes a security issue in String Translation.

Here are the top ways WPML 4.6.11 improves your multilingual site:

Improved Performance for Automatic Translation Jobs

WPML 4.6.11 improves the way it sends content for automatic translation. Now, even sites with huge databases will see no impact on performance. The system limits how many jobs can run in parallel and prevents them from getting stuck.

Faster Loading of the Settings Page

The WPML → Settings page now loads much faster, especially if you have a large site. WPML 4.6.11 optimizes how this page processes information, making it quicker and easier to manage multilingual settings.

Fewer Email Notifications

This update changes the number of email notifications you get about completed translations. You’ll receive fewer but more relevant notifications, helping to prevent clutter in your inbox and allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Enhanced Security

WPML 4.6.11 and String Translation 3.2.12 keep your site secure by patching a security issue in WPML String Translation.

Ready When You Are

As with all of our updates, we’re releasing WPML 4.6.11 and String Translation 3.2.12 gradually. When it becomes available to you, we encourage you to update and enjoy these enhancements. Let us know how these improvements benefit your site!

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