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Resolved in: 1.9.0

Overview of the issue

Users using ACF Repeater Fields set to display on Options pages may find that an option added in one language is not automatically added to the other languages for translation. Instead, you have to add the translated settings separately.


Our development team is working to provide a workaround and a permanent resolution for this issue. For now, this feature is not supported in ACFML v1.8.0.

5 respuestas para “ACF - Issues with Repeater Field translations on Options pages”

    • We understand your situation, we will update here as soon as this feature will be implemented.
      Thank you for your understanding.

  1. I realise we can’t copy over the values to each language then from repeater fields, but is there a way to force the default language values for acf within the php page when looking at the site from another language?

    • Hey Joey,
      I’m afraid it is not possible so far, you should add your translation values manually. You can also try to set your options as not translatable but it would impact all of them.
      If this is not your case, please don’t hesitate to contact us in our support forum.