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Overview of the issue

If you use the Gutenberg Latest Posts block, it will display posts in all languages.

This issue is actually coming from the related part of the WordPress core and we are waiting for their team to implement the fix for it.


9 Réponses à “Gutenberg Latest Posts block displays posts in all languages”

  1. The fix doesn’t work (anymore?). The Gutenberg plugin is part of core now and the function to update is extended. I cannot apply the fix to make it work. Any news related to this. This breaks my site.


    • Hi, Jon!

      In case it isn’t clear from the errata text:
      – This issue is caused by WordPress, not WPML.
      – We prepared a fix for the WordPress code and asked WordPress Development team to include this fix into WordPress.
      – WordPress Development team is still reviewing our fix and did not yet include it in the latest WordPress release.

      So, the fix is not even there yet, but again, this is not because of us.

      I am really sorry to hear that this is causing issues on your site but we really did all we could, we simply need to wait for WordPress developers to release this fix.

      We will update this errata when this happens and the fix is released.

      Thank you for the comment and your understanding,

  2. Sorry, but this « Not a Bug » status is really lame. I have paid full license for a plugin that does not work. Sure, it’s due to a bad Gutenberg function, but still this is YOUR commersial plugin. If you cannot make WordPress update its api then you need to develope your own working functions. This is nonsense. I have waited for this fundamental fix for over 3 months.

  3. Any news? I would like to only display my original German blog posts on the German website and only the translated English posts on the English website.