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Overview of the issue

Even though Gutenberg Reusable Blocks can be translated with WPML, the translations are not shown on pages that include the Reusable Blocks.

This happens because a missing filter that needs to be added by the WordPress team.

Please note that this feature probably won’t be included in the WordPress 5.0 release.


6 Réponses à “Translations of Gutenberg Reusable Blocks are not displayed”

  1. I am using repeatable blocks and some repeatable blocks show up after the translation and some are not, this sucks. Is there a fix for that problem?

    • I have tested and it works for me. There must be something I am missing. Can you please report that in our support forum and share with me the link of the support ticket if needed here?

  2. I’ve added a new reusable block and it worked there. Don’t know the exact reasons why it sometimes works and sometimes not. Will keep you informed, when it happens again and if I can reproduce the problem. Thanks