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David Fardon’s company, Revenue Marketing, provides websites for hotels around the world. Since hotels need to translate their content to get more customers, David decided to work with a professional translation service.

David Fardon

Why did you decide to hire a translation service?

We noticed that many hotels were relying on employees to translate their content which we thought was a problem because you are always unsure of the quality of the translations.

In fact, clients have mentioned to some of our hotels that there were errors in some of their translations. I don’t want clients telling me the translations are rubbish. So we decided to find a professional. Trying to find reliable people yourself is like finding a needle in a haystack. You’re hoping to get a good translation back rather than expecting. That’s why we started using ICanLocalize.

What has the feedback been like with ICanLocalize?

Very positive. In one case, after translating 5,500 words into Spanish and Catalan, a Spanish person spoke to the hotel and commented on how the translation was of a very high quality. And they just volunteered that information.

The Judd Hotel             The Judd Hotel

What is the best thing about using a translation service?

Just the knowledge that you’re always going to get a quick turnaround and that it’s competitively priced.

With a translation service, even if your first choice is not available it is easy to find a second or third option.

How has using a translation service helped your businesses get more customers?

The accuracy of the translations has significantly improved the quality of the websites without a doubt.

One of the best things for the hotels is that their website is now consistent across all the languages. We can write some lovely text in English and know we will get that message across in different languages.

When you rely on your employees there’s always a certain doubt. You’re really driving blind with them as you have no idea what it says and if it’s correct.

Were the costs an issue?

Not really. The peace of mind is what we’re paying for and it’s certainly worth that.

How long does it take for the translations to be completed?

The translations have been as fast as we’ve needed them.

On average we send around 2000 words and we get it back within a week which is not a problem for us as we’re not necessarily in a rush.

What would you say to someone who is considering using a translation service?

I’d say do it unless you already employ someone who’s qualified. It’s almost certainly always going to be better.

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