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ICanLocalize's seamless WPML integration ensures quick delivery of translations while our professional linguists focus on quality and accuracy. ICanLocalize provides a safe environment for the translation of your website in 45+ languages. Choose ICanLocalize by OnTheGoSystems, the makers of WPML.

ACSTraduction is a French company which provides more than 20 language combinations for small to medium-size businesses. It was founded in 2009 and employs seven in-house translators as well as many on-call professionals.

Simply Translate is a professional translation agency for online companies. The combination of in-house language expertise, its user-friendly client platform, and professional translators make it a reliable business partner for your multilingual communication, providing customized content to fit your local target group or local market.

Leemeta is a Slovenian translation firm which has spent 10 years working with small and medium-sized businesses from a variety of industries including technology, chemistry and finance. It employs 450 translators, reviewers and interpreters in more than 80 languages.

AlfaBeta is an Italian language services consultancy specializing in international communication, mainly in the food, wine, tourism, fashion industries. It provides web translation & copywriting, multilingual SEO/SEM & social media marketing services.

BigTranslation is a translation agency with years of experience in the market. It works exclusively with native translators in over 50 target languages, offering tailored services to each clients’ needs.

Okodia is a human-translation company certified by ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certificates working with 80+ languages around the world. Its 1500+ specialized professional native linguists translate over 10+ million words yearly in almost all fields.

Morningside Translations is an American language service provider. Specializing in highly regulated industries, Morningside provides ISO-certified translation and localization solutions in more than 150 languages.

Lingo24 aims to make it easy for global companies to work in multiple languages. Since 2001, it has provided a technology-led translation approach to enterprises in e-commerce, marketing, and product information content among others. Its 4,000 native translators are spread across multiple time zones.

Connect your WPML website to Easy Translation! It provides customers with a high-quality website translation. Working with a team of native speakers, Easy Translation can translate/localise your website in almost every European language.

TextMaster was founded in 2011 and offers 40 languages with specializations like fashion, electronics and home décor. Clients can create a dedicated team of translators and communicate through a live messaging system.

AVANTI Language Services is a translation agency specializing in the legal, financial, commercial, and technical fields. We are based in Lijnden, near Amsterdam, but work for clients throughout the world.

101Translations is an Irish company which uses professional, native translators with at least three years' experience to translate businesses of all sizes. 101Translations was created in 2002 and places special attention on quality control.

Espresso Translations translates all types of documents from medical to legal or gaming for small and medium-sized businesses. It was founded in London in 2011 and has 2000 translators covering more than 150 language pairs.

Transfluent was founded in 2011 and has bases in USA and Finland. It works with small to medium-size businesses from small game developers to Nasdaq listed companies in dozens of countries.

Lionbridge was founded in 1996, USA. With 46 offices in 26 countries, our highly-tested linguistic assets provide quality translations in more than 250 language pairings to enterprises from a wide variety of industries including legal, technical and life sciences.

TripleInk was founded in 1991 in Minneapolis, USA. They provide turnkey professional translation, transcreation and localization services for B2B and consumer marketers from a wide range of industries, including life sciences, financial and technical.

Net-Translators is an Israeli service founded in 2002 with translators in more than 60 languages. It helps small to medium-sized software developers, medical-device manufacturers and hardware companies prepare for worldwide deployment.

TranslateMedia provides a professional website translation service for small, medium and large businesses. They help businesses go global by translating website copy and applying SEO to their web pages, blog articles and other digital assets.

Translate By Humans is a London-based translation service with more than a 1,000 language pairs available. Since it was created five years ago it has served small to medium-size businesses in the legal, medical and travel industries among others.

SimulTrans provides website, software, and document localization services, translating text into over 100 languages. Established in 1984, SimulTrans has international offices and focuses on quality, exemplified by ISO 9001 and 17100 certifications.

AT Language Solutions is a Spanish translation service which works with small and medium businesses. Since its creation in 1999, it now employs more than 4,000 professionals working in all languages.

Trusted translation partner for groups such as Lacoste, L’Oréal, Olympus and Fujifilm Medical Systems, Atenao’s team of professional, native, experienced translators has translated hundreds of marketing, e-commerce, tourism and technology websites.

POZENA is a Polish localization and translation service which has more than 20 years' experience adapting small to medium-size businesses to new language markets. It has more than 400 clients in 22 different countries.

Language Solutions Inc is an American translation and localization firm which specializes in working with healthcare, technical and marketing businesses of all sizes. It was founded in 1998.

Cultures Connection is a global company which offers SEO-optimized website translations in more than 250 different languages for companies of all sizes. It was founded in 2007 and has more than 740 professional translators. It specializes in finance, medicine, law, e-commerce and IT industries.

Wordcraft is a German translation service working with companies from a variety of industries of all sizes including engineering, automotive and logistics.

Albisa is a Spanish company which has spent 35 years translating WordPress websites, apps, plugins and other technical documents for small and medium-size businesses. It uses in-country translators for all its services.

LAT Multilingual is a Canadian company which specializes in English to French Canadian translations for companies targeting the Québec market. Since it was founded in 1999, it has worked with a wide variety of industries from tourism to food and retail.

ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services is an Israeli translator for commercial, industrial and government organizations. It has 1200 translators and content writers covering 160 languages, with a particular emphasis on Hebrew and Arabic translations.

SpokenHere is an American service offering translations, telephonic interpreting, and voiceovers in more than 250 languages. For the last 15 years, it has worked with small to medium-size businesses in a variety of industries.

Ulatus is an American company focusing on Asian languages - explicitly Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Indic languages. It was founded in 2005 and has 1200 in-territory translators working with a variety of industries.

Meridian Linguistics is a Hong Kong-based translation services company specializing in technology, law, business, and more. It offers 200+ languages, with particular expertise in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Zelux Media offers translation services in more than 2,500 language pairs, specializing in Asian languages. It was founded in the USA in 2007 and its SEO-trained translators work with small to medium-size businesses.

Geacom is a German company which translates technical documentation and all the necessary content for businesses moving into foreign markets. Since 2002, it has provided services for medium to large businesses.

Nativy is a Vienna-based online translation agency offering professional translation services for over 500 language combinations in over 52 areas of specialization like tourism, IT, legal etc.

AccuLing is an American company which mixes professional, in-country translators with its own technology solution which is aimed at facilitating and streamlining their operations.

McFelder is a Spanish translation service working with small to medium-sized businesses in the health, technology, marketing and corporate real estate sectors. It was founded in 2001, with 6000 translators specializing in simple to complex projects which require in-depth technical terminology.

PlusLingua has offices across Europe and predominantly deals with small to medium-size businesses. Since 2006, it has offered a range of translations for technical documentation, legal documents, marketing and business papers.

L.TXT is an Estonian translation firm which works with small and medium-sized businesses. It specializes in technical translations and highly complex, technically demanding projects. Its translators share a reach background in the subjects.

Speakt is a British translation service founded in 2010 and works with small to medium-size businesses. It offers professional human translations for more than 35 languages and 2,000 language pairs.

Alpis is a French company based in Paris providing localization services for websites in more than 100 languages by qualified human linguists and specialists. 

BeTranslated is a network of translation project managers operating as a decentralized translation agency to serve the website and document translation needs of small, medium and large companies across Europe and North America. It specializes in marketing, travel, IT and technical translations.

The Geo Group Corporation is a full-service translation agency based in Madison, WI, since 1991. It has more than 500 translators working in more than 120 languages. It works with small to medium-size businesses in a variety of industries.

Based in Germany, RWS has more than 60 years of experience working with medium to large businesses around the world.

AD VERBUM is a northern European translation and localization company working in 90+ target languages. It specializes in various fields including pharmacy, healthcare and legal for small to medium-size businesses.

Comtec supports businesses to reach new markets online in over 200 languages. It provides website translation services by a global network of professional linguists specializing in translation for all key business sectors and complying with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 quality standards.

Trans-Blvd LLC provides translation, website localization, subtitling, transcription, transcreation, voice over, and other services in all major languages pairs. Trans-Blvd is operated according to Christian values and specializes in subjects such as media, marketing, law, medicine, finance and general documents.

Alba Translating is a Russian ISO qualified translation company with more than 10 years of experience. With an in-house team of expert linguists we can ensure fast and professional-quality translation.

Mars Translation is an international translations service with seven offices around the world. It has more than 5,000 translators who can work in more than 120 languages. It has worked with large companies across the industries over the course of the last two decades.

LanguageLine Solutions is a language service provider delivering ISO 17100 accredited website translations. Translating and localizing content into +200 languages, it develops a tailored approach to your specific style and tone, optimizing foreign language fit for the local market.

Lingua-World is a global language services provider and has been active in the market for 20 years. Lingua-World will tailor your website to the local market and provide quality SEO translations. Solutions for all languages and subject areas - on target and on schedule.

Language Insight is an ISO9001:2015 & ISO27001:2013 accredited translation & language services provider to clients around the world. Its friendly in-house PM teams provide excellent customer service while its in-house translators, proofreaders and QA teams ensure the quality of their work. is an EN/ISO17100 certified language provider. They will tailor a process that is right for you by creating or adapting your content to your market and providing one to one advice and support for the duration of your project.

TOMEDES is an Israel-based professional human translation service. Over 10,000 expert translators and linguists will carry out your translation, localization, content and SEO needs. Tomedes provides 24/7 human support and 1-year guarantee on all translations.

Ubiqus is an international Paris-based ISO-certified translation service. Providing translation services for all types of media ranging from websites to video to text, Ubiqus has vast experience translating content for various industries such as corporate, legal and financial.

At TOFT International, the aim is to provide our clients with high-quality translations done by native speakers.

Terralingua is an ISO 9001 and 17100 certified translation and localization provider supporting global businesses since 1999. Terralingua delivers high-quality professional work by native speaking linguists in over 50 different languages for all industries.

Brightlines is a full-service translation agency. It works with the world’s most discerning brands to deliver exceptional marketing translation and multilingual artwork services.

Your partner for multilingual translation – fast, cost-efficient and reliable, with particular expertise in Spanish and Portuguese, including European and variants (Mexican, Chilean, Peruvian, Argentinian and Colombian Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, etc.)

Boutique translation agency specialising in business/marketing and technical translations. Translators Family will transcreate and localize your message so that it appeals to your clients. Working with all main languages.

Acclaro specializes in expertly adapting brands, products, and services to new language markets.

Semantix is a translation provider with over 35 years of experience. We translate to and from more than 200 languages on a regular basis. Using our services entails the guaranteed delivery of high-quality translations, enabling you to better communicate your brand.

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