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We’re ready with another bug-fix version. This is a recommended upgrade that fixes issues that happen in specific configurations and conjunction with certain other plugins.

The changes for this release are:

  • Fatal error for WordPress 3.0 in Multisite mode
  • Locale value set incorrectly, in conjunction with plugins that load prematurely
  • WordPress core always trying to upgrade to the default language
  • Author page URLs incorrect
  • Pages that begin with language names fail
  • Negative category names (exclude) not working on translated pages
  • Endless loop related with categories
  • PHP notices in some situations

This release covers all known issues. We thank everyone who reported problems and helped verify that they’re solved.

Other News

Gravity Forms Multilingual

Gravity Forms Multilingual is ready. If you’re using Gravity Forms and WPML, this plugin will let you translate your forms and display the same form in the right language (no more need for duplicating forms per language).

It integrates into WPML’s Translation Dashboard and lets you send forms for translation, just like other content types.

Media Translation

The next major addition to WPML will be making the WordPress Media section multilingual. When you upload media, you’ll be able to choose if it appears on all languages or only in a specific language. This will allow using such tags as the Gallery on translated pages, without having to upload duplicate images.

But, that’s not all!

You’ll also be able to specify different versions of the same images per language. For example, if your home page includes an image that has text, you probably want different versions of that image on different languages.

With this new module, you will be able to specify the alternate images (per language) in the Media screen. Then, when you translate the text, the images will automatically update to the translated images.

Integrating String Translation with the Translation Dashboard

We’re also going to fully integrate between the String Translation and WPML’s Translation Dashboard. You will be able to choose which strings to translate and assign them to translators. The translators can have any type of account, including Subscribers.

This will give you full control over who’s translating strings, without having to give Admin access to translators.

How can we make WPML better for you?

Share your thoughts and comments about our plugin, documentation, or videos by booking a Zoom call with Agnes, our Client Advocate. Your feedback matters and helps us improve.

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