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After two beta versions and lots of great feedback from WPML’s community, we’re ready with WPML 2.3.3 – a comprehensive bugfix release.

Most chances are that the bugs we’re fixing did not bother you. These are all corner cases, which take some effort getting to. However, it’s still very important to upgrade, so that when you get to these places, WPML still runs smooth for you.

This release fixes:

  • Editing hierarchical categories and taxonomy
  • Editing taxonomy via the post-edit form using the AJAX operations
  • Adding translations from the non-default language
  • Landing in the wrong language after translating taxonomy
  • Category hierarchy not synchronized for translations
  • Wrong counts in different admin pages
  • Missing filters, causing wrong items to return for some API calls
  • Minor glitches related to WP 3.2 deprecated calls

Even though we don’t have any huge or groundbreaking items here, a lot of work has been put into guaranteeing smooth operation for the taxonomy system. This will make things much easier for WPML’s next round of new-features, as we work with plugins and themes that depend heavily on WordPress taxonomy.

What’s Next

We’re also almost ready to announce complete solutions for two leading E-Commerce plugins. In the past few months we’ve been working with the WP E-Commerce and MarketPress teams and we’re now in final stages of the development and testing.

In the coming days, we should have working solutions with both plugins. I’ll write about it in separate posts.

WordPress 3.2

We upgraded our own to WordPress 3.2 and it’s working great for us.

As always, you should be prepared for the unexpected when upgrading major WordPress versions. Backup your DB and start the upgrade only when you’re sure that you can go back if trouble hits you.

WordPress 3.2 is great and certainly worth those 5 minutes of upgrade.


How can we make WPML better for you?

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