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Reported for: Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 2.0.5

Resolved in: Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 2.1.0

Topic Tags: Compatibility

Overview of the issue

If you create a WYSIWYG field and add inside it an internal link to a post that has a translation, when you translate the field, the link is not automatically converted. Therefore, you’ll have a link pointing to the default language post inside a translated post


Go to WPML > Setting > Custom XML configuration and add this code:

    <custom-field action="translate" translate_link_target="1" >tests_0_editor</custom-field>

3 Antworten zu “Advanced Custom Field - Links inside WYSIWYG fields are not automatically translated”

  1. Dear Support Team,

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to you because we have encountered an issue while using the WPML plugin on our website.

    Specifically, the problem is related to the translation of links in text fields with the WYSIWYG type.

    Could you please advise us on how to resolve this issue? Is there a specific setting in the plugin that we need to adjust, or is there another solution you can recommend?

    We would greatly appreciate your assistance in addressing this matter. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards,

    • Hello Viktor,
      Have you tried the workaround offered on this errata?
      If that doesn’t work, we will need to investigate it. In that case, could you please open a chat in our assistance channel?