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Toolset BlocksFacetWP
Toolset BlocksFacetWP

Toolset Blocks allows to visually design templates and archives, create custom lists of content, custom searches and more. It adds over 30 blocks, all supporting Dynamic Content.

Facet WP allows you to add filters based on site’s existing post types, custom fields, and taxonomies. It uses AJAX to update results in real time as you apply filters and only shows filtering options that are applicable for the remaining results.

Pricing model
Plugin price$69-299$99-249
Date testedOktober 20, 2020August 13, 2019
Search in custom post types
Search by content
Filter by custom fields
Filter by taxonomy
Filter by relationships
Filter by distance on map
Slider filter
Design the search results without PHP
Load results as you search with Ajax
Star rating search
More about Toolset BlocksMore about FacetWP

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