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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 4.4.10

Resolved in: Pods 8.3.1

Overview of the issue

When using the Pods plugin to create an Image field and add it to a page, the image is not copied over the translation even if the custom field is properly set to Copy.


Our recommendation is to always translate your content using our Advanced Translation Editor.
Otherwise, you can edit your translations using WordPress’s standard editor and manually add your images.

2 Responses to “Pods - Image custom field added by Pods is not copied over the translation”

  1. As troubleshooted also here:

    You can verify that associated images or other files (ebooks, pdfs) or Pods relationships are not translated/duplicated.

    Here it’s important to note that if a website has thousands of pdfs, ebooks, images and you don’t need a different version for the translated content, it would be very IMPORTANT to not duplicate the content but to create a link/reference/pointer instead.

    I guess you’ll need to mark if the custom field is duplicated or a reference to the original one.

    I’ve worked around this by fetching in my template the original language content.

    Thank you!