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If you have updated to WordPress 5.5 and are seeing JavaScript errors coming from WPML, these quick releases should fix it for you.

The recent WordPress 5.5 update deprecated support for jQuery Migrate, which resulted in issues for many WordPress users. We released WPML 4.3.19 and WCML 4.10.2 to fix any potential issues. These releases fix jQuery warnings and calls to deprecated jQuery functions.

Besides WPML, many other plugins and themes have also released updates that address this issue. Please be sure to update WPML and check for updates from the rest of your plugins and themes to solve it.

Install and Update

If you have not received the WPML and WCML updates automatically yet, you can go to the Plugins → Add New page. Click the Commercial tab and then click the Check for updates button.

You can also download the plugins manually from your WPML account’s Downloads page.

Questions or comments?

Leave us a message below, and we’ll reply.