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Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) es un plugin recomendado que gracias a su compromiso de continuidad y asociación continuas con WPML Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) es totalmente compatible con WPML.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

– Desarrollado por Delicious Brains

Versión 6.2.5 (problemas detectados)

Última prueba realizada el: enero 14, 2024

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) allows you to create your own custom fields and display them in posts, taxonomy, media, comments, custom options pages, and more. You can create the field group, add the fields you want, and define the rules for where you want them to appear. It is worth mentioning that both the free and the pro versions of ACF are compatible with WPML.

You can create your own fields or choose from over 30 included field types. Developers will appreciate the Advanced Custom Fields API, which includes functions to help you build custom templates.

Please note: This plugin requires the Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual glue plugin for full compatibility. In addition, it is worth noting that ACF Pro is also compatible with WPML.

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