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LearnDash LMS est un module d’extension recommandé en raison de son engagement à assurer une compatibilité permanente et de son partenariat avec WPML. LearnDash LMS esttotalement compatible avec WPML.

Ce module d’extension doit être traduit manuellement.

LearnDash LMS

– Développé par LearnDash

Version 4.0.2 (problèmes connus)

Dernier test le : février 27, 2022

LearnDash allows you to create fun, interactive, and engaging course material by supporting the latest gamification, social learning, and micro-content trends. You can customize your content by setting up engagement triggers, drip feeding your content, and award certificates and badges for a job well done.

Successfully sell and market your courses with different pricing models and control your course enrollment to make content public, private, or members only. You can also run detailed reports to get a clear view of your students’ progress.

Problèmes connus