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  1. May I ask, I purchased a $99 package with one account, and it’s been used on the website for a year. The plugin is about to expire soon, and I can’t find the previous account password. I want to register a new account to purchase the plugin.
    Will the information set in the previous website still be there, and will it affect the display content in the previous webpage?

    • Hello,
      yes, you can buy WPML with a new email. If your existing site is registered (which you can check by going to your WordPress site, Plugins > Add new > Commercial tab) you will need to unregister it and register again with the WPML account. Everything else will work without any changes. You can also send us the URL of your website and we will check in our system if this site is still registered and if it is, what WPML account and waht email address was used. Then you can reset your password. Both options are possible. If you keep your old account you will be able to renew it with 25% dicount (you pay around $75). If you buy anew, you need to pay the full price ($99)

    • When you start installing and configuring WPML, WPML will ask you to register your site. You will be able to assign some of the 90 000 credits you have to your site. For example, you can add 60 000 credits. Maybe the credits will suffice. Please don’t add too many languages. We recommend adding one or two languages at first. Translate your site and if you still have translation credits you can add the other languages later.

  2. 1. Do you have the dropdown menu to select the languages? Does this dropdown menu customizable?
    2. Can I add the dropdown menu mentioned above as a shortcode and put them in the menu (Main Menu>Appearance>Menu) and into the Elementor shortcode widget?
    3. Are these translated links all indexable?
    4. Can I switch the translation from Gtranslate to WPML in a seamless way? As Google already indexes some of my pages, and I don’t want to damage the SEO performance
    5. Do you integrate with the FOX Currency Switcher?
    I really appreciate any help you can provide.


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