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Protect your sites from breaking changes in WordPress updates by making sure your WPML account renews on time every year.

Before each WordPress update, the WPML team thoroughly tests and provides fixes for any potential issues. When you keep your WPML account up to date, you get access to all of these important fixes. Before WordPress automatically applies an update, you can protect your sites with the latest versions of WPML.

How WPML Renewals Work

WPML sends an email to remind you that your yearly renewal date is coming up. You can choose how you want to renew:

Automatic renewal

WPML renewals automatically for you

Charged automatically every year

Account is always valid

Receive updates on time ahead of WordPress releases

Manual renewal

You need to log in to your account and renew

Need to remember every year

Risk of accidentally letting your account expire

Possibility of leaving your sites vulnerable to WordPress updates

What Happens If You Don’t Renew

You won’t lose any content and WPML will continue to work. However, in general, sites tend to break and their security can be put at risk if you don’t update plugins for a long time.

If your site is using an expired version of WPML you will see a notice about this in the WordPress admin. Please note that this message will display until you renew your WPML account and cannot be hidden or removed otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will stop receiving updates to WPML and its add-on plugins

You will miss new features and security and compatibility updates

You will lose access to WPML downloads

This includes the older versions of WPML and its add-on plugins

You will lose access to our support

If you run into any issues, we won’t be able to help. A common example is when another theme or plugin’s update causes compatibility issues

You will lose your 25% renewal discount

If you decide to buy WPML again, you will need to pay the full price. On the other hand, yearly renewals include a 25% discount

You won’t be able to register sites with WPML

Even if you have available slots for registering more sites, you won’t be able to do this if your WPML account expires

You won’t be able to buy prepaid credits and will miss out on a generous amount of free credits

If you use prepaid credits for automatic translation, you won’t be able to buy more after your WPML account expires. Your account also won’t get topped up to 60,000 (CMS account) or 120,000 (Agency account) free credits, which happens for every renewal

When you first buy a WPML Multilingual CMS account, you get 90,000 free translation credits to use for automatic translation. If you buy the Multilingual Agency account, you get 180,000 free credits.

When you renew WPML, we refill your account with more credits. How many credits you get depends on your account type and the number of credits you have left at renewal.

  • If you renew a Multilingual CMS account, we refill it up to 60,000 translation credits.
  • If you renew a Multilingual Agency account, we refill it up to 120,000 translation credits.

This is called a translation credit top-up. This doesn’t mean you get an extra 60,000 or 120,000 credits on top of what you have. We just make sure your total credits go up to these numbers.

For example, if you have a Multilingual CMS account with 23,000 credits left, we’ll add 37,000 more when you renew. This will make your total 60,000. But if you have 60,000 credits or more left at the time of renewal, you won’t get additional credits.

For the Multilingual Agency account, it works the same way. If you have 95,000 credits, we’ll add 25,000 to bring your total up to 120,000.

By default, WPML renews automatically every year. You can check this by logging into your WPML account and checking the sidebar for your account details.

Checking your renewal date in the account sidebar

To renew manually, click Modify next to your renewal date, and then click Cancel automatic renewal. Then, choose Instead of automatic renewals, I want to renew manually.

Canceling automatic renewals

Be sure to set a reminder for yourself to renew every year. If your account expires and you continue to use WPML, you risk breaking your sites with future WordPress updates.

To see your current payment method, log into your WPML account and click the Modify link at the top of the sidebar. On the page that loads, scroll down to the Your recent payments section and click on the latest one. You will see all the payment information for that order. Please note that we don’t store credit card information. If you need this, please contact us.

If you build sites for clients, you can transfer the renewal of WPML on their site to them. This way, you get a commission for each transferred renewal and additional slots for registering sites with WPML. On the other hand, your clients get WPML at a discount, direct access to our support, and avoid the risk of the developer stopping to pay for renewals. You can read more about all the benefits and how to do this on our page about transferring account renewals to your clients.