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Pricing for Automatic Translation

Automatic translation is included in WPML’s Multilingual CMS and Multilingual Agency plans. Most WPML clients don’t need to pay anything in order to automatically translate their site. In addition, we offer affordable plans for people running huge sites, who need translation into many languages.

When you buy WPML, you get a generous quota of translation credits (what’s a “translation credit”), which is enough to translate 80% of the sites that our clients are building with WPML. If you need more than the free quota that we provide, you can choose between our Pay-as-you-go and Prepaid credits plans.


Lowest cost per word

Pay at the end of the month only when you translate content

Your first 2,000 credits are free each month. The next 8,000 cost up to €6, and pricing drops down to €0.1 per thousand credits

Prepaid credits

Pay when you choose

Buy once and manually assign to your sites

Add credits to any site that doesn’t use pay-as-you-go

Credits never expire

40,000 credits for €50 (+VAT)
200,000 credits for €180 (+VAT)

The Pay-as-you-go option offers the lowest cost per word. Prepaid credits are popular among agencies, who want to control how much automatic translation each of the sites that they build will receive.

If you’re not sure what’s best for you, contact us and we’ll help.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can prepay for packages of credits in the following amounts:

  • 40K credits for 50 (+VAT)
  • 200K credits for 180 (+VAT)

Or, you can pay as you go. At the end of the month, WPML charges you based on the number of credits you used during the course of the month. With this option, your first 2,000 credits are free, and the price-per-credit goes down the more you translate over the month. If you don’t translate anything, you pay nothing.

Simulate your translation price

See the math

See what happens here? 12,000th credit is cheaper than the 2,001st one!


Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

CreditsPrice for 1,000 creditsTotal credits usedMax payment
First 2,000€0.00
Next 8,000€0.75
Next 10,000€0.70
Next 40,000€0.60
Next 90,000€0.50
Next 250,000€0.40
Next 1,100,000€0.30
Next 2,500,000€0.25
Next 6,000,000€0.20
Next 40,000,000€0.10
Please note, the maximum payment does not include VAT

WPML uses credits to calculate the cost of your translations. Each translated word
is worth a certain number of credits based on which translation engine you use:

No! You only pay for new translations. Once you translate your content, it stays
translated without any additional charges.

This means if you don’t automatically translate any of your content during the month,
you don’t pay anything.
There is no monthly subscription fee.