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October 11, 2021

WPML’s pricing for automatic translation is affordable for websites of any size and language. Whether it’s a one-page website or an enterprise site with millions of words, automatic translation will save you time and money.

Automatic translation is free for the majority of sites thanks to some great features:

  • New WPML Multilingual CMS and Agency accounts include enough automatic translation credits to translate 80% of sites at no extra charge.
  • Creating an automatic translation account gives you 2,000 free automatic translation credits each month.
  • The Advanced Translation Editor’s translation memory remembers and automatically completes any text you have previously translated, which means you won’t have to pay to translate the same content twice.

If you need to translate more even content, WPML offers two different options to pay for automatic translation. You can choose either one – or both – depending on what you and your site need.

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Choosing a Translation Engine

Pricing for automatic translation is determined by the translation engine you use and the number of words you translate.

When choosing a translation engine, it’s important to choose one that supports your site’s language pairs. We also recommend testing the different available engines to see which one gives you the most natural translations for your specific language pairs.

WPML offers the following different translation engines:

  • Microsoft Azure Translator = 1 credit per word
  • Google Translate = 2 credits per word
  • DeepL = 3 credits per word

The default translation engine for new sites is Google Translate. You can change your preferred order of translation engines or disable the ones you don’t want to use.

Automatic Translation Payment Options

You have two options to pay for automatic translation credits:

Create an account to pay as you go Buy a package of credits
Translate your content and receive an invoice once a month based on how many credits you used Purchase credits in advance and assign them to your sites
Can be used on sites with any WPML version that uses the Advanced Translation Editor Can only be used on sites with WPML 4.5 or newer
Can be set up and used by a site’s Translation Manager, even if they are not the WPML account owner Can only be purchased by WPML Multilingual CMS or Agency account owners
Pay only with credit card Pay with credit card or PayPal

If you use both options, WPML will use any available packages of credits you have before using your automatic translation account.

Create an Account to Pay As You Go

The most convenient and economical option is to create an automatic translation account. This gives you 2,000 automatic translation credits each month for free and charges you according to how many credits you used in the previous month. It also allows you to translate freely without running out of credits or having to do the extra step of assigning credits to your sites.

How to Create an Automatic Translation Account

To create an account, go to WPMLTranslation Management and click the Automatic Translation tab to sign up. Simply add a credit card and start translating! Note: WPML does not store your credit card information. Payments are processed via Stripe.

Creating an automatic translation account
Creating an automatic translation account

After the end of the month, the card on file will be charged according to the number of credits you used:

Monthly translation quota
Monthly charge
Up to 2,000 credits
Up to 5,000 credits
Up to 15,000 credits
Up to 50,000 credits
Up to 100,000 credits
Up to 500,000 credits

* This pricing is for websites registered on with valid accounts. Sites that are not registered or registered on expired accounts pay an additional $2.98 per month for automatic translation.

For example, translating 2,000 words will use:

  • 2,000 credits with Microsoft Azure and cost $0
  • 4,000 credits with Google Translate and cost $2
  • 6,000 credits with DeepL and cost $7

To make sure you don’t exceed your preferred budget, see how you can set a limit for monthly payments.

Sharing an Automatic Translation Account Across Multiple Sites

You can also share one automatic translation account across all your registered sites. This allows you to share your automatic translation credits, glossary, and translation memory between multiple sites, including sub-sites in the same multisite setup.

How to Cancel Your Automatic Translation Account

You are not bound by a contract and can cancel your automatic translation account anytime.

Go to WPMLTranslation Management and click the Automatic Translation tab. Click the Payment & Settings button, and then the Cancel automatic translation account link.

You’ll receive a final bill for any credits you have used since your last invoice.

Buy a Package of Credits

Another option to pay for automatic translation is to buy packages of credits on and assign them to your sites. The benefit of one-time credits packages is that you know how much you’re paying up front, and the credits have no expiration date. However, you need to be the owner of the WPML account to make the purchase.

You can purchase automatic translation credits in the following amounts:

Credit package amounts Price
40,000 $50
200,000 $180

How to Assign Automatic Translation Credits to Your Sites

All new WPML Multilingual CMS and Agency accounts come with a package of automatic translation credits already included. To use these credits, you first need to assign them to the sites you want to use them on.

You can assign credits to a site when you register it, or by visiting your list of registered sites to manage your credits.

Simply log into your account and click Register WPML on your sites. Then, click the lightning icon for the site you want to manage credits for.

Managing automatic translation credits assigned to one of your registered sites

You can assign credits, buy credits, or even reallocate credits you already assigned but haven’t used yet. Once you have assigned credits to your sites, you can begin or continue translating as normal.

Changing the number of credits assigned to a site

If you need to reallocate credits that have been assigned to a site that shares an automatic translation account with other sites, the process is a bit different:

  1. On your site, go to WPMLTranslation Management and click the Automatic Translation tab.
  2. Click Settings and expand the setting to Transfer credits to
  3. Enter the number of credits you want to transfer. These credits are available immediately in your WPML account to use on other sites.
Transferring back credits through the plugin

Running Out of Credits

If your site runs out of automatic translation credits before the end of the billing cycle, your translation jobs will be paused until you take action. You have options such as purchasing more credits, signing up for an automatic translation account, or increasing your payment limit.

Click the notification that appears in WPMLTranslation Management. You can then decide to continue translating or cancel the old translation jobs and start fresh.

Alert when you run out of automatic translation credits

Viewing Your Invoices

Invoices are found in two separate places, depending on which payment option you use.

To view your payment history and download past invoices for your automatic translation account:

  1. From your site, go to WPML → Translation Management and click the Automatic Translation tab.
  2. Click Payment & Settings.
  3. Expand the Invoices dropdown.
Viewing automatic translation account invoices

Read more about the automatic translation account billing cycle.

To view your past orders of automatic translation credit packages and WPML invoices:

  1. Log into your WPML account.
  2. Go to Payment History & Invoices.
Viewing previous invoices for credit packages purchased on