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We have heard your feedback and are excited to announce that we are integrating more automatic translation options with the Advanced Translation Editor. Google Translate is now a live option, and we are actively working on a DeepL integration as well.

Google Translate benefits

Compared to the Advanced Translation Editor’s current automatic translation engine, Microsoft Azure, Google offers more language pair options.

For the most part, the translation quality is very similar, though Google and Microsoft may outshine each other in certain language pair combinations. We understand many clients already have a preferred engine in this regard. If you’re not sure which one is best for your language pair, we recommend sending a couple of pages for translation using each engine and reviewing the translations for your preference.

How to switch your automatic translation engine

Before you create a translation job, go to WPML → Translation Management and click the Translation Tools tab. Click Settings and choose the engine from the dropdown menu.

Choosing an automatic translation engine

Some things to note about this feature:

  • If a job has already been created – even if it has not been translated yet – it will use the engine that was selected at the time it was created. Be sure to select the correct engine before creating new translation jobs.
  • At this time, if an engine is selected that does not support your job’s language pairs, it will not fall back to using a different engine. In this case, you will need to change the engine to one that supports your language pairs, then recreate the translation job. We’ll make this fallback happen automatically in the near future.

What’s next

Many of our clients have also requested an integration with DeepL. This integration is a bit more complicated, but rest assured our developers are actively working on it!

DeepL is now available as a way to power your automatic translations! Read more about the latest with WPML and DeepL.

It’s worth noting that Google and DeepL are more expensive to run compared to Microsoft. While the pricing for automatic translation using Microsoft and Google remains the same for clients for now, prices may increase to reflect these higher costs.

Do you have a preferred automatic translation engine? Let us know in the comments below!

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