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תוספים לניהול קובצי Cookie חשובים כדי לוודא שהאתר שלך עומד בתקנות החוק. הם עוזרים לאתר שלך לדבוק במדיניות GDPR ולספק מידע על פרטיות למשתמשים שלך. קבל מידע נוסף על התוספים המומלצים שלנו לקטגוריה זו בטבלה שלהלן והשווה את התכונות שלהם - שחלקן עשויות להיות זמינות רק בגרסאות Pro או Premium.

Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie ConsentGDPR Cookie Consent PluginBorlabs CookieGDPR Cookie Compliance (CCPA, PIPEDA ready)
Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie ConsentGDPR Cookie Consent PluginBorlabs CookieGDPR Cookie Compliance (CCPA, PIPEDA ready)

Complianz is a robust GDPR/ePrivacy plugin that facilitates compliancy with global privacy laws. It supports a wide range of regions, helps generate legal documentation, makes consent management easy and integrates with a wide range of 3rd party plugins. It also makes translations a breeze!

GDPR Cookie Consent helps ensure compliance with privacy regulations by providing customizable and responsive cookie consent banners. It supports compliance with multiple privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA, allowing users to manage cookie preferences with granular controls.

Borlabs Cookie is a premium cookie opt-in solution that allows you to give your users consent options in line with GDPR requirements. It also contains contains tracking codes for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel and allows you to manage your cookies in Cookie Groups.

GDPR Cookie Compliance is a freemium plugin that is SEO-optimised, mobile responsive and fully customisable out of the box. If you want to benefit of extra features such as geolocation, content renewal, analytics and more, there is a Premium Add-on available.

Pricing model
Plugin price$0-359$69 - $399€39-299$0-499
Date testedנובמבר 23, 2021ינואר 24, 2024פברואר 11, 2024נובמבר 9, 2023
Create cookie banners and notifications
Link to privacy and cookie policies
Detect customer location to customize notifications
Customize banners and notifications to match site styling
Scan for cookies automatically
Pre-designed templates
Option to partially accept cookies
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