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Dear Beda, Our previous thread was marked as solved when it was not please keep helping me i really appreciate FabioS-2
His professionally way to support and solve the problem. FrancescoA-4
he knows my case Norman webmaster
das er schnell & kompetent antwortet ;-) Brittad
good support AdemP
He is very helpfull, provides clear and detailed advices on how to proceed. MihajloJ
el mejor Carles
Que es resolutivo i se preocupa por el cliente. Carles
Beda is very understanding and helpful. JL
fast response Marko Polo

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Dopo upgrade String Translation 2.1.3 errore 404 custom posts 1 2

Iniziato da: federicoM-2 in: Supporto in Italiano

3 17 4 anni, 9 mesi fa

George Botsev

Homepage not translateable

Iniziato da: Maarten in: English Support

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I have a problem with previous installations of WPML 1 2 3

Iniziato da: francescoA-4 in: English Support

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Can't translate product categories / can't activate their translation

Iniziato da: nicolasP-12 in: English Support

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Manual equivalent of "Blog posts to display setting"

Iniziato da: anthonyL-2 in: English Support

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Custom translated taxanomies wont translate in front-end but do in backend

Iniziato da: wesleyD-2 in: English Support

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Lieber Andreas, ich habe deinen Tip ausprobiert bezügl. des language swichters 1 2

Iniziato da: brittad in: Support in Deutsch

2 23 5 anni, 1 mese fa


languages always display in the same order

Iniziato da: robp-4 in: English Support
Quick solution available

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string translation for admin text not working on my wordpress multi-site

Iniziato da: thomasL-11 in: English Support

2 9 5 anni, 1 mese fa


After adding 3rd language to translation, errors appear on top of the page

Iniziato da: veronikaK-2 in: English Support

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looping? > Theme and plugins localization > Scan the selected plugins for string

Iniziato da: seungbaekn in: English Support

2 4 5 anni, 2 mesi fa


Falsche Tausender- und Zehnertrenner in Woocommerce (Währungsformat)!

Iniziato da: Ruben in: Support in Deutsch

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update to woocommerce 2.2 order details missing from checkout page

Iniziato da: David in: English Support

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Problem to upgrade the plugins

Iniziato da: danielab-3 in: Supporto in Italiano
Quick solution available

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Intentando instalar el plugin pero recibo siempre error para reestablecer conf.

Iniziato da: marianoB in: Soporte en Español

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