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Late responses and not able to solve earlier problems... Richardv-27
First, randomly guessing at the cause, without doing an troubleshooting. Then trying to push support tasks on the client, such as doing basic troubleshooting = wasting my time to avoid spending her own time on the task. BoK-2
Alejandro has accessed our website before and knows his way around it. It should be more straightforward for him to settle this issue. EmilN-4
Radu LarsR-7
She didn't solve the problem Ivarv-4
nothing, I need a quick solution. Demianv
I did not appreciate Lauras response after I have spent good money on a plugin and would expect the basics be implemented. She said that not a lot of people requested the feature of having SKU in multilingual product page - but a quick search on google will show you that there are many others. SyedU
She does not like to invest the time to understand an issue and straight away say WPML does not support this "issue" where another support person would help out. ArnoldS-2
Nothing. It's an issue taken care by Jamal FrancoisV-9
I need to talk with Alejandro cause of knows my issues and resolved my issues some weeks ago. Please assign ONLY to Alejandro. Thanks. AndreaB-8


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