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Didn't solve the issue. AndrewA-19
Trying to avoid helping by saying its our fault when we built the theme around wpml so it is compatible. AndrewA-19
Didn't solve original issue, found a fix myself. Julien
Just need anyone who understands the Brazilian Portuguese URL should be "/br/" instead of "/pt-br/". This should actually be default to WPML as I've reported long time ago. Fabio Fava
nothing it just seems Marcos is busy it says he has 6 questions when others have an average of .91 Adwin
He Rocks , very efficient ! Christopher-3
Vorrei essere seguito da Vincenzo Immobiliare-del-montes
His competence and efficiency. BrigitteK-2
Me yet ... ;-((( DidierP-5
Our hosting supplier has solved the permissions issue however the problem still exists and they will try again with another solutions. According to them, the problem has to do with your plugin because when you hit apply to save the changes an error 400 occurred regarding /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php wrong malfunction. Like empty action on ajax request. They are not sure because they don't have access neither in wordpress nor FTP. Further we would like you to check again FTP connection as it doesn't appear to be an access problem or create us a private message to send you new credentials. Thank you! AlexisC-7


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