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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 4.5.2

Topic Tags: How to translate

Overview of the issue

If you are using several widgets nested in one block, and they have different Display on language settings, all your widgets will follow the language option set to the latest widget.


  1. Go to AppearanceWidgets, and add a Column block with 3 columns.
  2. In one of the columns, add a text widget to display for all languages.
  3. In another column, add one more and set it to display only for the default language.
  4. In the third column, you add another but display only for a secondary language.

Now, if you visit the front-end, there are no widgets visible in the default language. However, all widgets are visible in the secondary language, as it was your latest setting.


We don’t have a workaround available so far but our developers are aware of this situation.

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