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Shabana Stores

“Shabana Group” was founded by “Abdel Bari Shabana”. He started from Stores office in Ain Shams, where business was then limited to walls and paints within a radius of only three years.

The Company became one of the largest authorized distributors of the largest paint companies in Egypt, such as Jotun.

The late Abdel Bari founded the Company, which was limited to the retail trade of iron and paint; this was done at the Stores branch in Ain Shams, Cairo.

His sons started a distribution business in addition to a retail business, establishing a distribution company for Swedish paints and materials. And they created a huge distribution network that covered all of Egypt.

The chemical factory “Adam” was established in Obour City to begin the production of the products of the Swedish company; which had various color schemes and materials proudly bearing the slogan “Made in Egypt”.

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