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Types – Manage Custom Fields and Custom Types

Types-logoTypes makes it easy to fully customize WordPress sites using custom post types, custom taxonomy and custom fields.

Types is part of the Toolset package, offering code-less development for WordPress sites. You can use Types by itself and code templates in PHP, or the entire Toolset package and build entire sites without writing any PHP.

Creating custom content

When you need a site with more than the standard pages and posts, Types provides the solution. You can define your own content types from A to Z, without leaving the WordPress GUI. This is what Types offers:

  • Create custom post types
  • Create custom taxonomy
  • Define custom fields and meta boxes in the WordPress editor
  • Set up parent / child relationship between different post types

A customized edit page

Types doesn’t just define your content. It also helps you enter content and display it. The editing pages will be completely customized. You can choose which fields to display for different content types. Fields can have different kinds, including image uploads, check-boxes, Visual editors (WYSIWYG) and many more.

Once you’ve created content, Types makes it trivial to display it. You can insert the custom fields to the content by clicking on the T menu. You’ll see a list of all custom fields to choose from.

If you want to create customized templates for your special content types, you can use Types API and PHP or use Views to create them from within the WordPress GUI, without any coding.

Types is fully integrated with WPML. When you define custom fields, you control how they will work with translation. You can tell WPML, right there, if fields should be translated manually, copied from the original language or sent to translation.

Download Types