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WPML Contractors

If you have a design challenge that falls outside of our support policy, you can get paid help from one of the WordPress experts listed here.

Before you get started

  1. Define exactly what needs doing. A developer can implement it only if you can explain it in details.
  2. Set the budget and schedule.
  3. Remember that the contractors listed here are not affiliated with WPML. We have excellent experience working together, but we’re not responsible for the work you’re getting.

Before you begin, get some great advice on efficiently contacting contractors.

Expert WPML Contractors

Jenny Beaumont

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jenny Beaumont came to France in 1998 where she began her career in the web with her first agency, Global Native. Equipped with a degree in Journalism and Communications and strong management experience, she quickly transposed her skill set to the emerging field of web design. In 2000, she went freelance, and after spending time in project management, graphic design, Flash animation and UI design, has more recently oriented herself toward front-end development. It was in 2009 that Jenny made the definitive switch to WordPress, building custom themes for her clients who more than ever were demanding greater autonomy over their content. 

“I strongly believe that knowledge is power, and that I owe it to my clients to empower them with the tools they need to face the technical and economic challenges of the world today.”

Jenny Beaumont – profile Contact Jenny Beaumont

gravima GmbH

gravima GmbH is your internet agency for Gravitation Marketing located nearby Stuttgart in Germany. We build multilingual, unique, powerful and conversion driven websites. WPML is our first choice for international websites with WordPress.

We find new ways to your customers, conquer new markets and develop strategically your success on the internet. We advice and implement from strategy to operation in internet marketing. Trust in our comprehensive experience from design to technology with international clients. Gravitation Marketing will attract your customers too. We talk internet with you!

gravima GmbH – profile Contact gravima GmbH

Piet Bos, Lead Developer of Senlin Online

Almost since the WordPress plugin WPML became available, Piet has been working with it and as many of his clients are multilingual like Piet, their websites also need to be done in multiple languages. Piet is ready to help you customize WPML and your site to fit your needs.

When contacting, please mention WPML contractor work in subject line and describe in detail what work you need to be done.

Piet – profile Contact Piet

Web Polyglot

Webpolyglot.com is a small consultancy specialising in supporting WordPress sites. Neil Matthews, lead consultant and WPDude has worked with a number of clients to roll out WPML and build multi lingual sites. If you need help implementing WPML please contact and we can supply a fixed price quote to make your site function over multiple languages.

Web Polyglot – profile Contact Web Polyglot


Artprima is a small family company offering website design and development services. Since our company is based in one of the European capitals – Prague, our clients often require multilingual sites to provide information to people who speak languages other than Czech.

In most cases we suggest them using WordPress + WPML. Thus, having long-standing experience of working with this software, we can offer you both multilingual website development from scratch and converting your existing website into multilingual. We offer support services in English, Russian and Czech languages.

Artprima – profile Contact Artprima

Rocket Lift

We are a team of WordPress experts who deliver world-class value to companies with a mission critical web presence. Rocket Lift is a comprehensive website and web application development company that provides all of these services in one industrious little package: Expert WordPress programming, Beautiful, mobile-ready web design, Multilingual websites, E-commerce, Content strategy and copywriting, Search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO training, Internet advertising campaigns, Server administration, Web application development, Software requirements management.

Its taken time and dedication to build a team that can do what we do, as well as we do it. We did it because we want to create lasting and comprehensive solutions for our clients. We don’t do slapdash, we don’t do slipshod, we don’t do helter-skelter. What we do is give your company a vibrant life on the web. If you’d like to know more, please contact us.

Rocket Lift – profile Contact Rocket Lift

Ibnetwork inc

Ibnetwork inc. is a leading WordPress development company based in Korea. We have have been working on various WordPress projects from public services, big conglomerates to SMB, specializing in developing multilingual, customized websites and e-Commerce. Any business in Korea? Then we are always ready to talk about it. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be good business friends.

아이비네트워크는 한국을 대표하는 워드프레스 개발 전문 회사입니다. 워드프레스용 쇼핑몰 결제 플러그인, SMS 전송 플러그인 등 다양한 한국형 테마와 플러그인 개발로 한국에서 워드프레스를 편리하게 사용하게 할 수 있도록 노력하고 있습니다. 특히, WPML, WP-Types의 한국어 공식 기술지원 업체로 활동하고 있으며, 완벽한 다국어 웹사이트, 다양한 커스텀 비즈니스 웹사이트 등 안정적이고 전문적인 개발로 한국의 워드프레스 CMS 발전에 기여하고 있습니다.

Ibnetwork Inc – profile Contact Ibnetwork Inc

CMS Advertising Group

CMS was founded in Arlington, Virginia in 2009 by an accomplished team of designers, developers, and web strategists. We are a custom web and creative agency focused on delivering high quality WordPress solutions to commercial, education, government, law firm, association, and non-profit clients.

Multi-Language Websites: Our development team has worked with the WPML plugin for our U.S. and Canadian clients that require multi-language WordPress sites in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, and Spanish.

CMS Advertising Group – profile Contact CMS Advertising Group


port80 is a full service web design and development studio, familiar with WPML since the initial release. Over the past few years we have built over 25 sites with WPML and are confident in developing the most complex multilingual WordPress solutions. We have extensive experience with WordPress and specialize in eCommerce. If you need your eCommerce website to be multilingual, we are sure to have a great solution for you, as we are also WooCommerce certified developers. This WordPress plugin integrates quite nicely with WPML and will enable your WordPress site to run a fully capable multilingual eCommerce store.

At port80 we focus on creating clean responsive designs that work well on mobile, tablets and desktops. We invite you to check out our portfolio to see why we have been chosen by many top brands to help them achieve their online goals.

port80 – profile Contact port80

Nineproof Solutions

Marco Marsala owns the Nineproof Solutions company which develops multilingual responsive websites with WordPress and WPML.

With more than two decades of operational and management experience, Dr. Marco, the President and Founder of Nineproof Solutions, has developed a sharp eye for how businesses get bloated with badly coded websites, often causing inefficiencies, cross-purposes and miscommunication — and how they can retool for a sleeker, smoother, strategically organization focused multilingual website.

Marco holds a 5-year master degree in Information Technologies from Italian University. He and his highly trained team know what questions to ask and listen closely to each client’s answers before developing a custom-tailored website reflecting the company’s unique background and goals.

He regularly interacts with other skilled developers on WPML, plugins and theme authors’ forums and has been featured in the Thinkquest contest in 1999.

They have some translators for English/French/Dutch/German/Spansh in their office, and they can provide translations directly to customer, if requested. For other language pairs we use ICanLocalize because is integrated into WPML and avoids us the hassle of manually inserting translated contents.

Here are some example sites made with WPML by Nineproof Solutions

Nineproof Solutions – profile Contact Nineproof Solutions

Getting Listed Here

If you’re passionate about WordPress, build multilingual sites with WPML and want to be listed here too, contact us. Tell us about yourself, the work that you’ve done and what you can do to help others.