Originally written
October 19, 2017
April 1, 2020

WPML Contractors Club is where people find WPML experts. By joining, you allow other WPML clients, as well as business owners, to find you and send you projects.

WPML Contractors appear on the contractors search page. Both existing WPML clients and people who need advanced WordPress sites can use this search.

The contractors’ system allows locating the right contractor, according to what clients need, their project size and budget. They can send project invitations to selected contractors.

WPML team does not stand in the way of clients and contractors. Our system will send the invitation email, introducing between clients and contractors and step back.

Who can join

WPML clients who have been using the software for at least 6 months have demonstrated their ability to build multilingual WordPress sites and have valid accounts are welcome to join the contractors club.

How to join

When you can join, you will receive an invitation email and you will see an invitation to join in the main page of your WPML account.

You will need to do two things to appear as a WPML contractor:

  • Fill the application form, which gives additional details about you and about the project kinds that you can do.
  • Upload at least three showcase sites, which will appear on your contractor page as your showcase.

WPML team will review your application, let you know if anything needs attention and will publish it when it’s complete.