WPEC 3.8 is out and it looks like it should run multilingual e-commerce sites. We need help testing and polishing it.

The big news about WPEC is that it now uses WordPress custom types for products and categories. Since WPML supports multilingual custom types, it looks like this can power multilingual e-commerce sites!


When you get started, you need to tell WPML that you’re translating the custom WPEC types. Make sure that you have the Translation Management module installed. Then, go to:
WPML->Translation Management->Multilingual content setup

Multilingual content setup for WPEC

Choose “Translate” next to the items that require translations. Types that need to appear the same across all languages should remain “Do nothing”.

Translating Product Data

Once you’ve made products translatable, you’ll see WPML’s language controls on product pages and listings.

Products listing with language controls

Click on the language names to view products in different languages.

Product page with translation controls

To add translations, edit a product and use the Language box to translate. You can also use the Translation Dashboard to send multiple products to translation at once.

Help us Test

On the surface, it all looks good. We’re not running any real WP E-Commerce shop, so we need your help to test it all.

If you’re using both WPML and WP E-Commerce, we’d love to get your help. Setup a test site, add products and start testing.

The guys from WPEC are just as eager as we are to make multilingual e-commerce a reality. Let us know what challenges you’re still facing and we’ll go through them one at a time.

50 Responses to “WP E-Commerce 3.8 – Multilingual Ready?”

  1. Hi guys, could you advise which version of WPML I would need to use with WPEC 3.8? Many thanks!

    • The current WPML version can work with WPEC. We need help from people to test and see if anything is missing.

    • Hello – I also have a Japanese / English test site running. Right now one of my main issues is that the Shopping Cart Widget doesn’t go to the correct language.

      For example:

      If you are in the Japanese language and click the “Your shopping cart is empty
      Visit the shop” – The link will simply go to the default language (EN) page and NOT the language page it was received from. Any ideas?

      Happy to give you access to the site, btw – its just a demo site to get this working.


      • Hey, good work. I’m trying to achieve a similar thing, I wonder how you got the cart and checkout page translated ? Maybe its too obvious to see for me, but I hat it work at first, now the cart and checkout stays english no matter what I try… maybe you have a hint for me??

        THanks a lot!

  2. Hi Amir,

    Long time no see. 🙂

    I have just tested the WPEC 3.8 along with WPML It seems that the URL of product translation is still missing. Default language is English (en), and the second language is Indonesian (id).

    For example, I have a default product URL as follow:

    When I translate that product page, the translation of product URL become like this:

    instead of:

    – The URL of “Products Page” is NOT translated properly.
    – Product Category has been translated properly.
    – Product Name has been translated properly.

    Can you fix it? Thanks!

    • I upgraded your account so that you can download the recent versions of WPML. Can you try it with WPML 2.2.2 and let me know what you get?

      If you don’t have your password, go to the login page and click on the ‘lost password’ link.

      • I have just tested it along with WPML 2.2.2 and I get the same result with the WPML The “Products Page” has NOT been translated properly. It still get the english page when I added the translation of the product item to Indonesian. Even I had translated the “Products Page” to Indonesian became “Halaman Produk”, but it gets the “products-page” in the URL of Indonesian product item.


  3. Thanks Amir, I’m keen to give some input. I’m in the middle of building an English / Japanese eCommerce site. My original question was whether I should be looking at Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Blog in the latest version. I’d rather buy and work with the latest version rather than work with one of the older ones.


    • You will most likely need the functionality of the Multilingual CMS package.

      We’re working through issues with multilingual support for WPEC. I know that there are still problems and we depend on the WPEC folks to resolve them. They are keen to get it ready, but I can’t promise when a solution will be fully working, as this is not entirely under our control.

  4. Thanks Amir, understand completely. I’ll go ahead and buy the CMS version and let you know how things go, report any issues etc. Cheers!

    • We need help to debug WP E-Commerce. The WPEC folks are too busy to help with that and we’re not experienced enough with their plugin to do this.

      Do you want to help?

      What we’ll need is a theme that supports WPEC and an initial DB with products, categories and everything setup. Then, we’ll setup a test server and start debugging one problem at a time.

      If you want to send us a theme and initial DB, let me know. I’ll email you and you can reply to it privately.

      • Hi Amir,

        I’m working on a bilingual shop at the moment, I have some problems solved, some not… Its a bit weird, at first the cart was translating, now I cant get it to work again. Anyway, the language option is a last thing I’m triying to include, I was struggling with the shopplugin for a while to get it match the german law and stuff like that.
        I dont have a total overview about all the problems at the moment, but I have a theme and database running. pls email me !

      • Hello Amir,

        I’m having quite a hard time with WPML and WPEC. In fact all is translated on the back end.
        When viewing the site all is fine till we go to shop (Loja) in the brazilian version. There we see all products but when clicking on a product to access the product page, we get a message saying that “no posts found”.

        The URL we get is:


        but in fact should be:


        Please can you help me?

        Let me know how I can send you login info, since the site is in Maintenance Mode.

        Thanks in advance,


  5. Any news on this?
    Would be cool to get the shoppingcart.php fully translated. Its actually the most important page in the whole shop to be translated. The breakthrough …

  6. Hello,

    is there any information available, how to make the checkout page of e-commerce (3.8.4) translatable with WPML (2.3.0)?

    We just translated /checkout like a regular page to /de/warenkorb and it seem to work fine. But clicking on update quantity or coupon code, it switches the language back to English (default). It looks like this processes are hard coded or did I miss a piece?

    Thanks for any hint!


    • We’re currently working on WPML + WP E-Commerce. Finally, we got a very qualified developer who knows the ins and outs of WPEC. I’ll post about it when we have something.

  7. Man! That would be awesome !
    Another thing that never been asked here: Has anyone got a way to translate the emails sent by wp-ecommerce ?

    Keep up the works!

  8. Thanks for keeping up the effort. its the first time we used WPML and we are all thrilled to be able to offer our clients ML websites.

  9. I got that same problem on a French/english site.

    my permalink structure is domain.com/lang/category/productname

    in wpsc-single_product.php the function wpsc_this_page_url() was not returning the good URL

    using wpsc_product_link() function in this file :

    I patched line 1060 with :

    if($term_url == ”){

    if(isset($category_slug) && empty($category_slug)) $category_slug = ‘product’;

    $rewritereplace = array(

    $permalink = str_replace( $rewritecode, $rewritereplace, $our_permalink_structure );
    $permalink = user_trailingslashit( $permalink, ‘single’ );
    $permalink = home_url( $permalink );

    $permalink = $term_url.$post_name;

    • Dear Patrick,
      i’m using spec
      It seems the patch does not match line 1060 anymore.
      could you be more specific about which line(s) to patch in the latest version?
      many tx

  10. Hi,

    I am wondering where I can download the plugin to fix the wp e-commerce cart widget translation. I’ve got the same problem: If you click checkout in the widget, the language will be set to default. Next to that my checkout page is not translated well.

    How can I fix this?

    Thank you beforehand!

    • The WPEC people have been working on it last week. So far, the status update is something like “we’re getting close to it, but it’s not ready yet”. I’ll write all about WPML and WP E-Commerce in our blog once we see a confirmed solution.

  11. is there an update on the progress?

    were setting up a multi-lingual and multi-tld-domain site and we do need all aspects of wp-ecommerce translateable and controllable.

    • Actually, there is. We’re almost ready. The last remaining issue, which we’re debugging right now, is related to product duplication with variations. This isn’t working yet. We need a few more days and we’ll be ready with a release.

  12. Is there any news on the issue ? We run a live website and still have this permalink problem with French / English.


  13. Hi Amir

    Any news about WPML an WPEC? I run a Shop: German and French. WPML told me that they are 799 items to translate?

    Is this true? Or they are some French .mo/.po files arround?

    All the best,

    • Can you open a support thread about this in our forum? The support folks will need more information about what you’re getting, in order to help properly.