We received great applications. Thanks for everyone who contacted us. This position is closed for now.

We’re in the midst of a new major project and want to come out with a polished and beautiful product. For that, we need a graphics designer, to accompany the project.

The work can start right now, but we can wait for a couple of weeks too (not much longer than this).

We will need:

  • Complete website design
  • Design for key graphics (like icon)
  • Work on internal site pages, like documentation, tutorials and purchase pages
  • Design of the plugin Admin pages, to make them compatible with WordPress design style, but still beautiful and functional

This is a large project and will require iterative work. I would prefer to hire a designer on retainer and pay for actual time spent, rather than on a project basis. It’s impossible for us to write a complete spec upfront. We’ll pass what we have to the designer and start testing creative ideas. Then, we’ll have a complete spec.

We’re not rich, but we’ll be happy to pay well and make it worth your time. Our goal, as always, is to get top-notch work.

Interested? Got the talent and resources? Write to us (sorry, job closed), tell us about yourself and we’ll be in touch. When you send us samples, focus on developer-related work that you did.

To be clear – we’re looking for a graphics designer. We’ll be taking care of all the coding work (PHP, HTML, CSS). We need a top-notch graphics-designer.